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cable crossing question(12 posts)

cable crossing questionWoof the dog
Dec 8, 2001 12:04 AM
I know I know, its the basics, but... my shimano shift cables shouildn't cross in front? 'cause I can cut them down so that they will be within ??? cm apart. The q. is will the shifting work just as well? Thanx for help.

woofie, master of puppets.
I don't understand your question.nee Spoke Wrench
Dec 8, 2001 7:34 PM
When I can, I prefer to cross the shift cables under the down tube because that allows the cable housing from the shifter make a more gradual curve and it doesn't rub the head tube as much. That doesn't work on some bikes for various reasons. The most common is the cables sometimes rub the bottom of the down tube. I can't say that I've experienced any difference in shifting from crossing the shift cables.
I don't understand your question.Woof the dog
Dec 9, 2001 2:54 AM
cable housing in front. On bumps, one thats on top (both come out of the insides of shimano levers and cross in two points before going into the cable stops) hits the one on the bottom, making annoying sound. Ok to cut shorter?
cable "thud"Samcat
Dec 9, 2001 5:54 AM
Take a small (narrow) tie wrap and tie them together-not too tight- where they cross; cut all the excess off. Just enuf tension to hold them in contact without pinching or creating undue friction.

Problem solved; neat and tidy.

cable "thud"Woof the dog
Dec 9, 2001 8:15 AM
i tried, but the best that would work is a rubber band, because when you turn handlebars, cables move so much that if they were tied, they would not let me turn the handlebars far enough or may mess something up. I am just asking whether I have too much cable here. bike shops are too far away in this snow land. It snowed last night for like a second time in NE hehe, hope all melts soon. I HATE snow, and yes, I did ski and tried snowboarding, cx skiing (its ok), skating, name it. I just wanna ride my bike!

Here is a pic.
cable "thud"Woof the dog
Dec 9, 2001 8:17 AM
maybe this time pic will work
Dec 9, 2001 9:09 AM
I have the same setup, but I can't count the "thump" sound among the 5 things in the world which
annoy me. However, perhaps insulating one cable in two places will help you to re-discover riding
serenity. I'm thinking of foam tubing of some sort - just keep your eyes open, these things have a way of materializing when we need 'em.
Insulate!Woof the dog
Dec 9, 2001 9:23 AM
yeah, I did that, but in cold air it still makes the sound as the insulating thingie gets cold. Its not really the sound that annoys me though, cause it doesn't do it often and generally is unnoticeable. I am just wondering whether cables should even cross like that. I saw a bike w/ 105 shifters and cables didn't even touch each other. So, the question is: ok to shorten the cables? Just need a confirmation cause doing this is too involved and time consuming for a beginner mechanic like myself.

Thank you

Woof the bananaz dog.
cable "thud"Birddog
Dec 9, 2001 10:56 AM
My cables cross approx as you picture, but they do not touch. Rt shifter cable is about 1" higher than left. You might go to hardware store and purchase a couple of those self adhesive, clear plast ic bumpers. They come in various sizes, but I figure the ones about 1" square would be best. Attach them to your head tube (they function as an anti-marring bumper there) where the cables touch or rather where you want them to touch the head tube. File, cut, or whatever a notch in the bumper to kinda position the cable in the groove and that might keep them seperated enough to keep from bumping. If that doesn't work, go take a crap on the rug, that always makes me feel good and diverts my attention from lifes little annoyances.

Scratching behind my ear,
You mean like this?PsyDoc
Dec 10, 2001 10:37 AM
Might be a little bit hard to see from the side, but the cables from the right and left shifter do not cross and are about 1-2" or so from touching. I have had zero problems shifting or making relatively tight turns, which I infrequently have to make.
Cross Dressinggrzy
Dec 10, 2001 11:09 AM

You're looking at a "normal" setup and want to figure out how long the cables should be - I always deflect the bars fully each way and sue that as a guide. This prevents the housing from getting kinked where it leaves the shifter body. If you make the cables too long then they really rub on the headtube. They'll probably do it anyway so I use the little cleat mylar sticky things (about 1 cm in dia.) to prevent this.

I cross cables frequently on bikes that will support it like a C'dale and then the cross back as they head along the down tube towards the BB cable guide. The bosses at the upper end of the down tube need to be fairly close together and this won't work on "normal" bikes with traditional bosses welde 180 degrees apart.. Watch for rubbing on the paint - the little cable donuts will prevent this.
Thanx all, will do as in PsyDoc's picWoof the dog
Dec 10, 2001 11:25 AM
I got ya grzy! Will check for deflection clearance and such. But I wasn't gonna cross the cables under the downtube. I don't think my bosses are down enough so that I wouldn't have a rub on the downtube.

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