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some help on older tubulars?(3 posts)

some help on older tubulars?jw25
Dec 7, 2001 2:18 PM
I picked up a small lot of accessories recently, and included were 3 older tubies, still new and rolled.
They're a Vittoria Criterium Super, a Clement Futura, and a Cyclepro Linear/T230.
I've looked around on Google, and found pretty much nothing besides a mention. So, I figure someone here must have used them. Are any worth selling, or are they junk?
Thanks, Jon
re: some help on older tubulars?zelig
Dec 9, 2001 11:50 AM
They're all machine made. Nothing wrong with that really but generally the machine made tires are from non-premium materials and construction. The Vittoria Criterium Super is a decent tire in the middle of their product offerring, about 250 grams and originally with a latex tube although it changed to butyl. Nice rolling and riding tire. A keeper. The Clement Futura was an entry level tire. Okay but nothing to get excited about. Cyclepro's, if I recall were made with nylon casings in the Orient. Again, nothing great.

They're always worth selling but it's a question of who will pay what for them. Certainly not up there in NOS mystique value with handmade Italian Clement's or Vittoria's.
Dec 11, 2001 5:31 AM
That's kind of what I figured. I'm fairly sure the Vittoria's older, since the base tape has one red and one green stripe - kind of classy, though you'd never see it once mounted.
I've inflated all of them to ~40 psi, and they seem alright, though they were folded for quite a while, so don't inflate quite round. If I had any tubie rims, I'd start them stretching, but I'm really a clincher guy right now.
I suppose I'll put them on the market, and if no one bites, I'll have lots of tire boots and maybe a latex tube.