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Xpost: lockring needed. spare parts bin help?(9 posts)

Xpost: lockring needed. spare parts bin help?ohio
Dec 7, 2001 11:02 AM
I posted this yesterday in "general," but realized it probably belongs here.
I was wondering if anyone out there has a spare lockring from an old english threaded BB. I need one to fit a track cog on a standard freewheel (I don't trust just locktite). The LBS didn't have one, but I figured someone out there has to have one lying around in their spare parts bin...

Willing to trade from my bin (and what a great bin at that) or work something out.

Also, has the standard diameter for the butt at the bottom of 1" steerers ever changed? The lower race on my headset does not press tightly onto the crown. There's about 1mm of play maybe more. I'm thinking I'm missing a shim, but I always thought the race pressed directly.

Anyways, my fixed conversion/build is near complete. I'll post pics once I have them, but here's the run-down, built for a total of $300 w/o pedals. Could have been done cheaper, but the frame was the perfect size, so I shelled out for it:

- Benotto 3000 Columbus SL frame/fork 52cm circa early 80s, Campy SR clone HS
- SR/sakae handlebar/stem. don't know the models but for $8 for both, who cares?
- vintage no-name Al seatpost
- Serfas Ti saddle
- Dura-Ace freewheel hubs, araya tubular rims, vittoria rally tires
- un-72 70 x 107 BB, and unidentifiable but beautiful black anodized cranks. got em for $35 from a guy who said they were Brew, but Brew never made cranks... Either way, I'll take it easy on them for a while, but they were too cheap/pretty to pass up.
- ultegra single-pivot standard reach brakes (front and rear till the fixed cog is sorted out), w/ shimano aero levers

right now it's a 42 x 15 bmx freewheel.

While I'm at it. I need a pedal recommendation. I'm using this as a commuter, so I want a recessed cleat, but I also need cornering clearance since the cranks are 170mm. Iwas thinking of using this as an excuse to buy frogs, since I'd use them for MTBiking sometimes (when I'm not using flats). But I'd like to stay cheapo if I can... are rip-off SPD (not SPD-R) road pedals worth using?
just buy one for crying out loudJack S
Dec 7, 2001 11:07 AM
they are only $6 or so and any LBS that uses QBP (almost all of them) can order it
Possible Problemgrzy
Dec 7, 2001 1:02 PM
Your asking about sizing and noting that you have problems with your fork race makes me think that it's possible that you're caught up in the sizing mess that went along with the '70's & 80's bike industry. Ultimately you'll find that old vintage bikes aren't as cheap as they seem when you need to find parts. typical choice is low-end crap or very hihg end stuff with nothing in the middle. If you realy want an adventure try working on something like a French Motobecane with French and Swiss threading!! If you don't want to use crap you'll end up dealing with companies like Campy and Phil Wood & Co. for headsets and BB's. Been there.

Ultimately it's cool to keep the old stuff running, but just realize that sometimes you're going to have to pay dearly for some parts, assuming you can find them. The Rivendale folks are all into the retro aspect - they're stated philospohy is that the bike industry reached it's peak around 1978 and that it's been all downhill from there. Make sure you have a ugly unkempt beard and tape repaired eye glasses if you visit them in person.
2 "standards"nutz
Dec 7, 2001 1:19 PM
for crown race diameters, 26.8 and 27.0 IIRC
Plus Moregrzy
Dec 7, 2001 4:31 PM
Don't forget the new Trek "standard" used on the 5900's - which isn't standard at all.

Guess he's running the smaller one, but has parts for the larger.

Are you aware of all the standards for BB's? I can only think of: English, Italian, French, Swiss, C'dale SI, and Klein's pressed setup from long ago. I'm not counting the forged and cottered BB's used on cruddy K-mart bikes.
Don't forget,TJeanloz
Dec 11, 2001 12:39 PM
The 'grease guard' bottom brackets...
Actually......Rusty Coggs
Dec 7, 2001 5:46 PM
The ISO(european) standard is 26.4 crown race and 30.2 cups and the JIS(Japaneese) standard was/is 27.0 crown race and 30.0 cups.I haven't seen a 1" crown race/steerer combination that had 1mm of slop.
Dec 7, 2001 10:29 PM
I think you just sorted out my problem for me. I'm using a SR clone headset, but it's made by Hatta, the old japanese parts company, so it's likely JIS standard. The frame and fork are early 80s italian, so ISO. 0.6mm of play sounds about right. Thanks everyone.

Do you happen to know which standard won out in the end. Just wondering if I'm confined to campy headsets from 1980 and earlier...

BB is standard italian threaded 70mm shell, for anyone wondering, so it's not an issue...
BingoRusty Coggs
Dec 8, 2001 6:42 AM
ISO is now more common and found on most bikes of 'quality'.JIS may be found on some cheaper or dept store stuff.