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Two unrelated component questions(3 posts)

Two unrelated component questionsGreyhound
Dec 6, 2001 12:45 PM
Question one: What exactly is compatable between campy and shimano? could you use shimano cranks, rings, and bottom bracket with campy everything else? (dura ace-record 10)

Question two: In all the discussions of wheels and aerodynamics, it is pretty clear that aerodynamics is more important than weight. So my question is: are ksyriums actually aero? I know they have bladed spokes, but that doesnt mean a lot. If people actually know about the aerodynamics of these wheels, I would appreciate any feedback,

To unrelated answers...Cima Coppi
Dec 6, 2001 1:53 PM
There should be no problem using a Dura-Ace crankset/bb mixed with the rest of the campy drivetrain. You can even use a wheelset built w/ D/A hubs, and install the Wheels Manf. 10 speed cassette. The spacing between the D/A chainrings is close enough that the super narrow C10 chain will not be caught between the rings.

As far as the question of wheels and aerodynamics, depending on the type of riding and the location you are in, weight can be a more or less important issue. If your geographic location is susceptible to high winds, then a deeper section rim will cause handling problems for the rider. If you live in a mountainous region, then weight is certainly an issue. The Mavic K's fall under the semi-aero rim profile, that is to say they are more aerodynamic than a box section rim, but they do not suffer the more radical handling issues of a deep section rim in the winds, such as the Campy Bora, Mavic Cosmic Elite, or the Zipp 404. The bladed spokes help with slicing through the air, but bladed spokes are also found on the Campy Nucleons/Neutrons, which are more of a true climbing wheel.

What it comes down to is personal preference. The K's are great wheels, and are now available in, I think, 3 flavors. I know a few riders who have them, and I have never heard a complaint about them. They are a good compromise between the Nucs and a deep section aero wheelset.

More Unrelated Answers....grzy
Dec 6, 2001 3:59 PM
What you will have problems with is using Campy shifters to run DA deraileurs, or a mixing Campy/Shimano on your crank & BB. You can swap the hubs and brake calipers (quick release is an issue) and the more narrow spacing of Campy 10 will give you fits if you try to run Shimano in the mix. You can even get some of the "impossible" component mixes to work - just not very well. Perhaps the big question is why would you want to mix the stuff? It's like buying Ford then swapping in a Chevy engine. if all you have is a Ford with a blown motor and a buddy with a spare Chevy motor and no money then I guess it makes sense. For a little bit more money you can sell the Chevy motor and get a Ford mill.

Kysriums offer a pretty good mix between aero and weight considerations. there are lots of wheels that offer more of one or the other, but not many that offer both and are as durable. The Ksyriums are noticably more aerodynamic than a standard 32 hole wheel, but with out the added weight of many of the more aero wheels. To be sure there are now wheels that are more aero and lighter weight, but both cost and durability can be an issue. Ultimately it often comes down to the NFL Principle - as in there is No Free Lunch. If you want the limit on one aspect then you have to give up something on another - be it drag, weight, longevity or cash. The one caveat is that there is some total crap out there and you can actually get improvements on all fronts, but in the high end this doesn't happen among respected wheel sets.

I've trashed enough wheels, both cheap and expensive to realize that the K's offer a pretty good ballance. Would they be my to choice in a TT? Maybe not, but then I don't do TT's. Do they work well in long events with lots of climbing and, at times, crappy mountain roads and the occasional crash? You bet. Can I afford lots of specialized sets of wheels for various events - unfortunately no.