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a weird fixie ?(16 posts)

a weird fixie ?53 x 18
Dec 5, 2001 4:26 PM
i would like to build a fixed gear with the running gear (ie chain, crankset and fixed cog) on the left side of my bike.

i dont see why i cant. do you?

what if i wanted to build it with a flip flop? would the freewheel cog be able to threaded on in reverse to work on the left?

bored? yes. determined? no.

any problems i might encounter?

it would be a fun ride. and will be built on a road frame for single riding/commuting and as a grocery getter.
One very big reason why not:Rusty McNasty
Dec 6, 2001 4:29 AM
Your pedals will be mounted backwards!!
Of course, you COULD mount your saddle on the stem, and put your bars on the seatpost!
Since you already think with your @$$, you might as well steer with it, too!!!
Any more brain-dead ideas??
why thank you! obstacle yes. insurmountable no.53 x 18
Dec 6, 2001 5:28 AM
rusty, for your inimitable eloquonce, i appreciate your response as you have highlighted something i had not thought about.

i figure there must be a way around;

firstly would be to try an old style quil pedal but with drillings on the "wrong" side so i could mount the cage and strap. i think it wouldnt be too hard to find the right donor pedal and as i plan to use the bike partly as a commute and grocery getter this option would be a preference as i could wear street shoes as well. such a model already exists within the rivendell catalogue which would require no work but a bit more than i was thinking of spending. see pic.

other options that i could look into would be to use a clipless pedal that i could easily mount the cleats in reverse to my shoes. having only used look, and campy pedals i know that the pre-drilled holes in my shoes would make this tricky. but "my brain dead ideas" may induce me to try a spd or speedplay type pedal but again with the cleat mounted back to front. not being familiar with either type it will leave me to check both models out and see which will be easier for entry and egress.

at worst i figure that a symmetrical basic platform pedal
with no attachments and a self-made strap loop that my italian shoe-repairer from Vicenza would make for some small coin. he has already covered and stitched saddles for me in a range of beautiful leathers and was a class cyclist in his day.

i know this has been thought of by others an im not planning on doing this because i think im being the first. im no more imaginitive than the rest of you but as i said it would be fun and will keep me tinkering on the days to come when i wont ride due to the weather or couldn't be bothered with the trainer.

mr. mcnasty i think i have covered your initial point. as my seat post size is larger than my stem size i think i will stick to tradition with regards to seat and bar placement.

more input wil be appreciated.
I think the point may have beenmuncher.
Dec 6, 2001 7:37 AM
That being the "wrong way round" - the threads will be reversed, so as you pedal they will be loosening, as opposed to tightening, as normal.

Dab of locktite ought to do it though...

Think it's a nice idea, FWIW, go for it.
McNasty's a very apt name, isn't it?jw25
Dec 6, 2001 7:09 AM
I mean, bite the guy's head off.
Anywho, there's no reason you couldn't do this. Pedals usually have symmetrical axles (apart from the spindle threads), so if you can remove the axles, you should be able to swap them, and run the cleats normally.
Barring that, you could probably scrounge up some tandem cranks, and use the pilot set, which runs a single ring on the left side, with normal pedal threading.
I won't go into why you'd want to do this (abnormally large right calf?), but hey, why not?
Good luck, and post pics when it's built.
nah, rusty's cool.. just comes accross that way53 x 18
Dec 6, 2001 7:31 AM
i respect anyone who just offers an opinion. we all think the comments he posts and the web is easier to do what he does without really butsing someone's chops. accusations of me being a dumb ass dont really matter as im not and had he met me im sure he would agree.
ive seen him take his share of crap as well. at he least he rides tubulars!!! ;-)

what im trying to do is pretty silly but i want to play bike mechanic and wouldnt mind a fixte to build myself that offers a little thinking for those that bother to take a second look.

others have done it im just sounding out all the possiblities before i try it and get caught up on something i hadn't thought about.

i figure this is easier and more discreet than trying to build a custom lowrider bicycle which are common in my neighbourhood but cost a packet to do properly. i should get them to pose for a few shots as what they ride is sometimes jawdrapping when it comes to individuality.
Rusty...poster child for birth control?RaiderMike
Dec 6, 2001 9:21 AM
this guy is an idiot, it is way too easy to talk sh!t on the internet when you know the chance of you running into the person you're talking sh!t about is unlikely. Keep on running your pie hole Rusty one of these days it'll catch up to you. Punks like you are classic!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bite me.Rusty McNasty
Dec 6, 2001 2:42 PM
Rusty going to cry, he wants his mommy WaaaaaaaaaaaaaRaiderMike
Dec 6, 2001 5:30 PM
Ain't much fun when someone gives you some of you're own medicine is it sissy boy. I at least thought you could come up with something better than that "Bite Me?" I work at a prison and see you're kind every day Rusty all big talk until someone calls you on it and then its poor Rusty gonna cry, he dont liked to be picked on, but he will be a coward and flame anyone who asks a question that he thinks is stupid in the safety of cyberspace of course. Like I said earlier someday your big mouth is gonna get you in trouble and someones gonna put something on you that MR. Clean wont take out, and hopefully it will change your demeanor. Until then boy you behave yourself.
give him a breakD'Ohhh!!!
Dec 7, 2001 8:37 AM
he shoots off and is often wrong. kinda fun to see a guy make an arse of himself. he is sure to be someone's alter ego- dog/doug maybe, or perhaps the return of durangoman or thioderek.
re: a weird fixie ?Beaver
Dec 6, 2001 5:54 AM
Haro does it on their top of the line freestyle bikes Probably won't help you since you are converting a road bike, but just thought I would mention that someone out there is doing it.
thanks .. there is a pic of one posted53 x 18
Dec 6, 2001 6:04 AM
in the general discussions section.

looks cool too.

Jack S "Suggestions for a fixed gear bike needed!" 12/6/01 5:41am

thanks for your heads up on the haro.

i t might mean that my option of a flip-flop hub with a freewheel wont be too tricky with regards to a freewheel threading and mounting.
re: a weird fixie ?brider
Dec 6, 2001 8:47 AM
In addition to the pedal mods already listed, you're going to want to reverse the BB spindle. The ends usually aren't the same length (on tapered ones, any way -- I have no experience with the splined variety).
re: a weird fixie ?schills
Dec 6, 2001 3:38 PM
There was an article in Bicycle magazine a while back about a bike messenger with one leg(his left). He had converted a GT track bike and had the crank on the left. His LBS did it for him.
Why not both sides (nm)B2
Dec 6, 2001 6:14 PM
Dec 7, 2001 6:52 AM
it would be easier to service and maintain and old alfa romeo.