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Fenders for Trek OCLV(10 posts)

Fenders for Trek OCLVCapnqwest
Dec 5, 2001 3:03 AM
Can anyone recommend a good set of fenders for a Trek 5500 OCLV?
Dec 5, 2001 5:38 AM
HAHAHAAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Woof the dog
Dec 5, 2001 6:35 AM
whats so funny, ever rode with anyone in the rain? all the water off their rear wheel ends up in your face. I heard in GB a lot of pple show up for rides with fenders. No?
just go the lbs and get yourself the plastic thin ones, don't know the brandname, but I am sure they can figure it out over there. I donno about attaching the front one though. you can do without it anyway.


P.S. Rode yesterday w/ knee and arm warmers + just a skinsuit. So warm for december hehe. Hope to repeat it today.
re: Fenders for Trek OCLVbrider
Dec 5, 2001 7:04 AM
I've almost never been able to put on a set of fenders as-is -- I've always had to modify them. The front should go on okay, but the rear will need to be cut. I'll assume the standard zefal fenders: Cut the fender just forward of the brake bracket, then use a pop-rivet to keep the fender from sliding out of the bracket. Add a flap to the end as a courtesy to those behind you. You'll probably also want to add a flap to the front to keep your feet drier. During the winter, my team will bring materials to add flaps to the fenders of people who don't have them, and any one who doesn't have fenders is relegated to the back for the duration of the ride.
Hey, no laughing...fenders RULE!Retro
Dec 5, 2001 8:48 AM
Except there's no room for them on waaay too many bikes. In front, you can cut a fender-shaped object from something like an old water bottle or bleach bottle, then attach it to the down tube with zip ties (you can buy a similar deflector that clips on, but what fun is that?). It doesn't help the people around you much, but it keeps water off your crotch.
Zefal makes a set of fenders they call "clip ons" or "quick release" or something that attach to a permanently mounted bracket. That worked on the back of my old Trek, but it has more room than yours.
re: Fenders for Trek OCLVcyclaholic
Dec 5, 2001 6:35 PM
One would think that, for all that money, they'd put some fenders on at the factory. Carbon fiber ones, at that.

But that would cancel out the very cool "bidet effect", wouldn't it?
re: Fenders for Trek OCLVMelMo
Dec 5, 2001 9:58 PM
I don't have a Trek OCLV, but I do have a racing-type bike with irritatingly inadequate fender clearance. I use SKS fenders and have them attached with zipties. Here are a couple of links on that technique, in case you should need them:

Hope this helps,
re: Fenders for Trek OCLVgtx
Dec 6, 2001 11:14 AM
if these won't work, nothing will (without cutting them up, anyway).

I have the Salmons on one bike, but on another bike with no clearance I use some cheap clip ons by Apex Designs that work quite well.
re: Fenders for Trek OCLVCapnqwest
Dec 10, 2001 3:09 AM
Thanks everyone for their help except the laugher. I just moved to Seattle and would never have considered fenders before. But there's no way to get in 10k miles a year without some serious ridin' in the rain.

2nd bike perhapsEric
Dec 11, 2001 11:31 AM
I know this answer does not put fenders on your OCLV, but have you considered building a winter bike? This way, you can spare the OCLV from getting soaked, and they do like to hold water in the seat tube and head tube. Plus, after looking at my friend's OCLV frame on Sunday, I can't see how the rear fender could be put on with any ease. Clearance at the brake bridge is minimal.

Just about every serious cyclist in the pacific NW has a dedicated winter bike with fenders/flaps for the November-March period. And so far this December is proving to be VERY wet!