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Bicanchi Veloce(11 posts)

Bicanchi Velocegary
Dec 4, 2001 3:26 PM
I have a Bianchi 2001 Veloce, it has all Veloce components except the front derailleur which is daytona. The chain is a z-xc, taiwan on it!!! Why not a campagnolo chain?
re: Bianchi VeloceAndy M-S
Dec 4, 2001 7:10 PM
Bianchi has long been known for mix 'n match component sets, partly to lower their costs, partly (and not entirely unconnected to that) to lower the price to the buyer. I wouldn't be surprised if your bike didn't have a Campy headset, either...
Dec 5, 2001 8:18 AM
Bianchi does this a lot. I had an Alloro with what I thought was a full Ultegra group, only to realize one day that it had an AheadSet headset and Saekoff seatpost. I also have an old mid-80s Bianchi Nuovo Racing that apparently was named for the Campy Nuovo Record front and rear derailleurs it had. The other components, however, included a mishmash of Ofmega (cheap Italian brand) crank, headset and pedals; Mavic hubs; Universal brakes.
Dec 5, 2001 12:22 PM
Bianchi is probably the best company that I know of that keeps its spec uniform. Your Alloro doesn't have an Ultegra headset or seatpost because Shimano doesn't make an Ultegra seatpost or a-headset. As for the chain, it's a way to keep costs down without sacrificing one bit of performance. Campy chains are probably made by KMC anyways.

Compare this to Trek or Specialized, who will give you Ultegra shifters with a 105/tiagra mix on everything else, and Bianchi is ahead of most companies.
Incorrecto.... Sachs used to make Campy chainsnm
Dec 5, 2001 1:11 PM
Um, I speak from experience...Quattro...Andy M-S
Dec 6, 2001 10:05 AM
Many otherwise-Campy Bianchis have Miche headsets (pity) and Bianchi frequently assorts stuff from different lines within a single manufacturer's products. And it can get even weirder--Here's the spec from my c. 1990 Quattro, before I stripped and rebuilt it:

Suntour shifters/derailers
Regina (I think) freewheel
Ofmega hubs/crankset/headset (I think, on the headset)
Modolo brakes/levers
ITM bar/stem/post

Now, if that's not an assortment, what is?

On a completely different topic, what's with the UGLY new paint jobs for 2002?
Um, I'm not that old...TJeanloz
Dec 7, 2001 8:25 AM
I can't speak for bikes of the stone age. I'm only speaking of current models.

You said: "Bianchi frequently assorts stuff from different lines within a single manufacturer's products."

I'm pretty familiar with the Bianchi lineup, and I can't think of a single bike where there is a down spec. Veloce front derailluers are now Centaur- but Campy doesn't sell the Veloce front derailluer any more. Sometimes, there's a Veloce crank where there should be Mirage- but they're the same exact thing (the chainrings are different).

If you have a non-headset example, I'd like to know. Check out the whole line at
Um, I'm not that old...Andy M-S
Dec 7, 2001 10:34 AM
I'm not that old either, sonny, and neither is that bike. However.

OK, just for a ferinstance:

The very first bike I clicked on. Note the Veloce/Mirage mix, along with a Miche headset...
Um, I'm not that old...TJeanloz
Dec 7, 2001 1:02 PM
This is a Mirage equipped bike.

Crankset; Veloce and Mirage are identical (look at the cast in part # on the back).

Hubs are Mirage.

Derailluers and shifters are both Mirage.

Cassette; Veloce and Mirage are the same thing. (UD 9 speed)

Brakes are Veloce- they last used Mirage brakes in 1999, and those brakes were so terrible that Bianchi had to replace every pair with Veloce.

Bottom Bracket- Veloce and Mirage are identical.

Headset- The worst headset Campy offers is Chorus. That would be a bit much on a Mirage bike. And then you'd complain because it's Chorus and not Mirage.

Coincidentally, all the parts for which Mirage and Veloce are the same, Bianchi calls them Veloce- purely marketing to enhance the percieved value (salesman: "This comes with a VELOCE cassette" while neglecting to mention that there is no difference between the Veloce and Mirage cassettes.) It's the same as telling people that the Centaur10 group comes with a Record chain. It's true- Campy only makes one 10s chain, and it is the Record chain.

They can't spec parts that don't exist, like a Mirage headset or seatpost. And all the bikes can't be Record or Chorus (the only 'complete' Campy groups). I think Bianchi has done an admirable job of keeping spec in line.
Doesn't Campy make their own chains?ColnagoFE
Dec 11, 2001 3:07 PM
at least the 10s chain i thought was made by campy...
Don't worry it will wear out soonDaveG
Dec 6, 2001 11:24 AM
Ride it till it wears out then buy what you want. I suppose that chain saved Bianchi (and you) some money. Bianchi is certainly not the only company that does this. Most folks wouldn't think to check the chain spec before buying so its probably a smart move for Bianchi. Where I am more bothered by down-specced, no-name parts is in the headset. Most folks don't case about it initially, but a decent one saves a lot of hassle later. Incidently, I've been using an SRAM chain on my Veloce drivetrain and I prefer it to the Campy chain.