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Mavic Cosmos or Custom Build?(14 posts)

Mavic Cosmos or Custom Build?KMan1
Dec 4, 2001 11:00 AM
First roadbike I am buying, Cannondale R900, comes stock with the Mavic Cosmos @1790 grams). I was considering selling the Cosmos on Ebay (would expect them to sell for at least $200.00) and having a custom wheelset built up (would be around $300) FRONT: Ringle "Sun of Bubba" Hub: 123g Velocity AeroHead 700c Rim: 425g Wheelsmith DB14/15 Spokes: 140g Wheelsmith Alloy Spoke Nipples: 8g Total: 696g REAR: American Classic Freehub: 230g Velocity AeroHead 700c Rim: 425g Wheelsmith DB14/15 Spokes: 140g Wheelsmith Alloy Spoke Nipples: 10g Total: 805g Depending on your weight, you can adjust the spoke count to 28/28, 28/32, or 32/32 to suit your needs. Any thoughts from some experienced road riders? My background is extensively in MTB and I 100% prefer a custom MTB build over any Mavic or other pre built wheelset. Should I expect the same to hold true in a roald build?

PS: not sure about alloy vs brass nipples just yet
sounds cooldupe
Dec 4, 2001 11:34 AM
you have obviously given it some thought.

not familiar with ringle but you wouldnt have chosen it if you didnt think it was up to the job.

not knowing your weight or the conditions you will be using them for i can only add a couple of points.

if its to be your only wheelset i would suggest using brass nipples at least on the rear with a 28/32 hole set-up. 3x lacing will make them simple and compliant.

do you have a good (meaning cheap) source for the aeroheads? other than colorado cycles? im interested.

ciao, ben
re: Mavic Cosmos or Custom Build?merckx56
Dec 4, 2001 1:31 PM
you are comparing apples and oranges! cosmos are solid, everyday, cost effective training wheels. the rims are more heavily built than the velocity rims aand are double eyeleted. if you ride the velocity wheels you speak of everyday, they will not last! i have a pair of cosmos that i bought 18 months ago. they have about 4000 miles on them and are still true and round. i've replaced velocity stuff in the past at a rate of about 2500 miles per hoop. if you like building wheels, have at it. i suggest the mavics. in the tour, you don't see the velocity neutral support car, do you? ps- hub weight does liitle to effect actual wheel weight when riding. the rim and the tire make up the majority of the rotational weight, thus you will find that it seems easier to climb iwth a lighter wheel/tire combo.
re: Mavic Cosmos or Custom Build?KEN2
Dec 4, 2001 2:18 PM
Doubt you'll get $200 on ebay for those wheels... I bought a set for for $218 new. As the other poster says, they are strong, reasonably light everyday wheels that look good and stay true. And I think the straight pull spokes offer real advantages in terms of less spoke breakage. I'd keep them and ride 'em--you can always add a set of specialty wheels later.
Missing the pointgimondi
Dec 4, 2001 5:06 PM
Those guys are missing the point. You are correct in thinking that you can build a very nice, lighter weight wheelset which will last a while. The rims you want are fine, and with a quality build will be every bit as good as Mavics. In the end you save almost 1/2 pound, have as good or better hubs and can tune the spoke count to your liking. I say go for it.

As for you other guys, Velocity doesn't have a car in the tour because they have 12 employees!! Mavic is a $200+ million annual revenue company under the corporate umbrella of Adidas/Solomon, which doesn't mean they make better product, but that they pay very very well to make you think they make a better product, and apparently it works. As for the pro peloton, 1/2 of them ride other stuff anyway in important stages, hell, check out the Levi Liepheimer TT photo in Velonews this month, look at the rim and then carefully at the hub....hey they don't have a car in the tour either...

Don't miss the point, its not about marketing or looking like whatever pro, it's just about riding and liking yourself, your bike and being happy with that
Missing the pointmerckx56
Dec 4, 2001 7:38 PM
no, i actually made my point pretty clear in my previous post. i have experience in racing (cat. 2) and building(14 years mechanic experience) both mavic and velocity. velocity rims just do not have the longevity of mavic. if you want to rebuild, true and other have to F with your light wheels all of the time, be my guest and ride the light stuff everyday. if velocity made a better, higher quality product, then maybe more people would ride them. mavic is a big company that makes the highest quality wheels and hubs around. big dollars allow for build quality control and research budgets. velocity has been building the same lightweight, overpriced, fragile rims for years. don't get me started on their new "paired spoke" design. we all know what happened to rolf! and by the way, pros don't count. they don't pay for their sh*t! unless they're riding ada's.
Missing the BIG point...Bruno S
Dec 4, 2001 10:19 PM
This is your first road bike and you are worring about alloy vs brass nipples?

At this point I would be focusing on how the bike fits, on dialing the bike seat, handle bar, stem, etc so its right for you. After putting a few thousand miles you will be able to tell what piece of equiment you need to change/upgrade. You will be surprised on how your perception of what is the right equipment changes as you learn about the sport.
Missing the BIG point...merckx56
Dec 5, 2001 6:04 AM
i agree wholeheartedly!! plus, it's a freakin' cannondale!
Thanks for the info, bit really dont appreciate.....Kirk
Dec 5, 2001 9:20 AM
any snide remarks about a bike (brand) I am buying. I never asked for your comment on the bike, just the wheel set. If I wanted any Crack&fail comments I would have asked about Cannondale bikes. Unfortunately my sponsor only sells Cannondale & Lemond and I prefer the Al Cannondale, and at 60% off I can deal with it. My background is in MTB; riding for over 15 years and racing for over 8. I understand the details on MTB wheel builds and I have my own personal preferences on what I like. I personally think (mtb build) that Mavic prebuilds S%*K and have very poor rims and hubs. Hand build is the only way to go! Now I have 0 knowledge with road bike components and wheels builds, so instead of sterotyping components from my mtb background, I wanted a roadies point of view on the wheelset. I received many good responses and appreciate your response on the wheelset!

Thanks for the info, bit really dont appreciate.....merckx56
Dec 5, 2001 4:10 PM
get over yourself! it was a ha-ha! people on this board take themselves way too seriously! i have a 2002 cannondale r3000si on the way (hot pink), so you know where my allegiances stand! ride what you want!
and another thing...merckx56
Dec 5, 2001 4:16 PM
i never made any comments about cranck and fail, nor did i "stereotype components from" your mtb background. i merely stated my opinion, based on what i know, which is, arguably, limited! before you really flame someone, make sure you have your poop in a group! p.s.- handbuilt is fine, but ksyriums have won the tour, how many times now?
who's taking themselves way too seriously? ha-ha nm53 x 18
Dec 5, 2001 5:40 PM
Keep Mavic Cosmos!Samu Ilonen
Dec 5, 2001 4:38 AM
They are fantastic wheels! I rode today as usual with them to work...with Nokian W240 studdet tires since here is -7 decree celsius and snow.... They are in my CC-bike! They roll amaysingly well,some racers as me were bit bitter when thy discover that my cheap and ugly CC-bike rolls better that they Italian fully Campagnolo build racers....I had Michelin Spint 30mm cc-tyres and they had Conti GP3000's.....and this wheel set lasts! I know...they are road set but I have punished them well in wood and still working well.By the way,I race in mtb's also....

Very solid and fast at road....other wheel that I have had:

-Rolf Vector comps'
-Zipp 404
-Campa Mirage/dt/CXP21

Some old tuberim stuff....

re: Mavic Cosmos or Custom Build?Muncher.
Dec 5, 2001 8:00 AM
Go with the Mavics - they are strong and durable, and light - don't waste the time/money swapping them.