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Schwinn Caliente(6 posts)

Schwinn Calientebonsai171
Dec 2, 2001 2:47 PM

I have an old Schwinn Caliente from the early 70's, and one of my rims just bit the dust (you know, those old schwinn tanks!) I'm looking for some new rims for the bike, especially since 27" tires are hard to find now. Does anyone know where to get a good rear hub for this bike?? The gears are not the new cassette type, they're the screw on type (I think they're called freewheels?) Oh that's the other thing, i'm changing the hubs too. Just one complication though. I'm not sure if it's possible to use a new hub on the rear. This bike is exceptionally strange, the chain moves constantly!! I'm not sure if that affects the hubs, but there must be a ratcheting device somewhere in the system, but i'm not sure if it's in the crank or the rear hub. Any advice??
re: Schwinn Calienteloop
Dec 2, 2001 5:14 PM
Rivendell cycles, perhaps? They specialize in retro gear.

Good luck. Post a pic of your beauty if you have a chance.
re: Schwinn Calientebonsai171
Dec 2, 2001 7:03 PM
Where can I find Rivendell cycles? Is there a web site for it? Thanks. Actually, i'm helping out my brother, it's his bike. I'm riding a '76 Schwinn Continental personally. Heh, it's a family thing with these old classics. I'll try to get pics of both when I get a chance! Thanks
re: Schwinn Calienteloop
Dec 2, 2001 7:42 PM

I had a S. Connie (79?) that I inherited from my dad that carried me through college in the late 80s. What a beast...musta weighed close to 5 or 6 metric tons! Now you got me thinkin' back to my Huffy Santa Fe days. Yikes!

Good luck with the web site.
re: Schwinn Calientebonsai171
Dec 3, 2001 11:06 AM
you got that right! I think this one's around 30lbs. I changed rims on it once already to aluminum.. It's mostly the crank that weighs this bike in there at 30 :-) It's all I have for now though, so when I land a big economics job after college, then i'll probably look into building something else hehe! lol.
re: Schwinn CalienteBlair
Dec 2, 2001 9:17 PM
What is your purpose for this bike?

A pair of wheels will be about a $100
Tires are $30 for a pair
And a new cassette or freewheel is $25
So you will be spending about $150 if you go the new route.
If you want a high performance bike, this investment isn't a wise one.

Easiest way to ride the bike:
Rebuild the rear wheel.
www.sheldonbrown has great instructions for DIY, but you do need a few skills, or get the LBS to do it.
Yes 27" tires are less common now, but any LBS and many mailorder places can still get them.

Yes, the ratchet is in the cranks. This placement allowed the rider to shift while coasting, but not pedaling.

If you do go with 700c wheels, make sure that the brakes will reach.
I don't know, but I wouldn't bet on the threading of the rear hub being standard. Check it. Many schwinn parts of that era aren't