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ultegra shifters(8 posts)

ultegra shiftersejeaston
Nov 30, 2001 7:57 AM
Right Ultegra 9sp w/ 3000 miles, still shifting well but is rattling horribly--extremely irritating.

Any maintaince suggestions, comments, snide remarks?

Thanks in advance.
Two things....grzy
Nov 30, 2001 10:46 AM
It could be that the little caps on the shifters are loose (they look like little breasts - almost). This can be fixed by removing them and replacing them with a dab of silicone underneath. Most likely you've go t the more serious problem of the missing screw. There is a small metric special sized screw that goes into the back of the mainlever and it positions the smaller lever assembly. Fully deflect the shifter and completely squeeze the brake with the rear wheel removed. You should be looking straight down at the back side of the lever and you can see where there is either a screw or a hole for a screw. Pull the screw from the other lever and make a trip to the hardware store to their metric machine screw selection. Match the diameter and thread pitch, but you won't be able to match the short length. At home place the screw between two small blocks of wood and secure the whole works in a vise. Cut of the excess leght, then clean up you cut with a file held at 45 degrees or so. Reinstall both screws with some BLUE Loctite (medium strength). Your problem should magically go away. I've had to do this on both the wife's bike and mine. there is one other possible source of noise - when you hit a "sharp" bump the weight of the shifters and the veritcal acceleration causes them to move downward and then snap back open, but this is not the constant loud rattle that you describe. Lemme know if you need some assistance - I need to make a run to the HDW store for the screw on the wife's bike and could get a couple more and cut them to length.

The Shimano guys should be given frequent summary dope slaps for this little problem.

Note: if you try to go to a bike shop they usually will have no idea what you need and will try and sell you a new shifter, or a whole set if it's a slow day. You can go to the Europe section of to get an incomplete exploaded view of the shifter, and you can order some of the subassemblies, but you're really lloking just for a $0.30 screw. Loose Screws may have the part, but it's just as easy to fabricate and way cheaper.

ONE HUGE WORD OF CAUTION: FIX THIS PROBLEM ASAP OR YOUR SHIFTER WILL START TO COME APART INTERNALLY AND YOU WILL BE LOOKING AT BUYING A REPLACMENT OR REBUILDING. Rebuilding is an option, but it's a really bad option. The things are very tricky to fully rebuild and have work correctly - it's almost up their with working on a Swiss watch in terms of difficulty. No joke.
A question...Geof
Dec 4, 2001 8:07 PM
Would it be advisable to remove the screws and lock tight them before they drop out???

Dec 5, 2001 9:14 AM
They've dropped out of both my wife's shifters and mine. Then you're looking at fabricating the screw(s) and buying the BLUE Loctite. An ounce of prevention in my mind.
re: ultegra shifterschris cullop
Nov 30, 2001 7:10 PM
On the back side of the brake lever. Near the pivot point of the lever there is a screw. While looking at the left lever from the back side the screw will be on the left side. For the right it will on the right side.If you do not understand bring it in to the shop and the mechanic "should" be able to fix you with no problem. This screw actually holds the down shift lever in place. Mine fell out and i was told that this particular model of ultegra levers are just noisey. yea right shimano just makes mistakes like that.
re: ultegra shiftersWoof the dog
Nov 30, 2001 11:39 PM
sometimes its just the whole lever with the mechanism rattling against the hood because the break cable is not as tight. I don't exactly know why this happened but when my brake caliper is opened up w/ that little qr thingie it makes a cable a bit looser, thus on the bumps shifter rattles if I forget to close that thingie down. But I think I fixed this problem now, since I got all the new cable housing and new brake and also shift cables. :-)

Zoomin' around chasin' my tail and barkin'

re: ultegra shiftersgrzy
Dec 5, 2001 9:19 AM

That rattle from the levers closing and slamming closed will never really go away, as it's directly tied to hitting significant bumps in the pavement at speed. Having loose brakes has some influence since it's all a function of spring tension whihc depends upon caliper deflection (i.e. F=kx). the constatn rattle discussed here is a different issue - you can actually get your levrs to run silently - until you wack a bump.
re: ultegra shiftersejeaston
Dec 2, 2001 7:13 PM
I found a machine nut today (only $0.05) at my local hardware store. I cut & filed it just as suggested, and it seems to have done the trick. It has been rattling for 2-300 miles, so I have probably done some damage. I notice it has some subtle play in the break lever. Oh well, it'll certainly last a few more miles at this point. Greatest thanks to everyone for your accurate advice.

Happy Trails,