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Delta brake set-up?(3 posts)

Delta brake set-up?KellyCross
Nov 29, 2001 2:32 PM
I'm new to these brakes & trying to get them to work with a Campy Mexico rim. Is this rim just too narrow or is there a way to adjust/space pads closer?
re: Delta brake set-up?Jofa
Nov 29, 2001 4:31 PM
Delta brakes have a serious design flaw which is a rapidly rising lever ratio. One of the side-effects of this is that if they are used with the supplied pads then they shouldn't also be used for narrow rims, because by the time the pad hits the rim the leverage will be sky-high and you'll have pulled the lever to the bar or locked the wheel, neither of which is desirable.

You can space the pads out on their stems with washers, to compensate for the missing rim thickness, which if done carefully might not compromise the aesthetic sleekness which is in my opinion the only reason for them in the first place. Then of course you will have to watch for the pad hitting the tyre, because of the large position change the pads make as they wear out. Keep an eye on them.

Good luck. These brakes are a liability really but they are pretty. I'd put them on a bike which doesn't do much stopping.

whilst on the same train of thought....dupe
Nov 30, 2001 4:26 PM
if you can find a newer style brake shoe and pad that will fit buy it as it will improve the braking power.

from what i can remember they are only designed for a minimum rim width of around 21mm. i ran a set with new ergo lever's and shimano (sshhh!) shoe and brake blocks and got them to work reasonably well on a reflex rim. it did take a lot of fettling but it worked.

as much as i love them i needed the assurance and consistency from a set of modern calipers as most of my miles are in manhattan. but i did sell the delta's and replaced them with a set of new chorus' with change left over. go figure?