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Diadora shoe sizing: road to MTB shoes(4 posts)

Diadora shoe sizing: road to MTB shoesJay H
Nov 28, 2001 10:25 AM
I use a Diadora Jalapeno II MTB shoe for mountain biking and commuting and interested in purchasing a shoe strictly for road cycling and noticed that Nashbar has their race-designed Stratos Pro Carbons on sale. What do you think about the sizing from Diadora's MTB shoe versus their Road shoes, would I be able to use the same size of my Jalapenos II's to order the Stratos Pros???

Was considering the Time Equip CX Nashbar is selling also but would have to use an adaptor which I don't think is ideal.

re: Diadora shoe sizing: road to MTB shoesBirddog
Nov 28, 2001 6:48 PM
I have two sets of Diadora shoes, both road though, and their sizing is consistent. Last year when I bought my second pair, I tried on several styles, and the lasts seemed to be the same. I would assume based on that info that the sizing runs true.
re: Diadora shoe sizing: road to MTB shoespatrick
Nov 29, 2001 10:27 AM
Timely question. I was in a bike shop over thanksgiving holiday and another customer had questions re: Diadora rode shoes. The shop owner, who I've known for over a decade and is extremely knowledgable about cycling stuff, said that Diadora uses three manufacturing locations (two third world locations and Italy). The higher end shoes are produced in Italy, and so on. Sorry, I can't remember the third world locations but I think they were Taiwan and a Latin American location. At any event, sizing may be an issue if you were to purchase lower end Diadora's. Bottom line, be careful. Additionally, I HIGHLY suggest the Time Equip CX, especially at the Nashbar price. I currently ride Sidi Energy SDS and love them, but had the Time deal been available, it would have been a tough choice. I've ridden Times in the past and they are great! Hope this helps.
Thanks to all..Jay H
Nov 30, 2001 7:39 AM
Well, my decision has been helped (or is that hindered) easily cause Nashbar doesn't have the Stratos Pros they advertise in their catalog anymore.. Couldn't find it at their website and a CSR verified for me it is out of stock. Funny as it was in their catalog I just received 3 days ago. I saw the TIME shoes but really don't want to use an adaptor since I am not going to be using it with TIME pedals. Anyway, my mountain bike Diadoras are Jalapeno 2's I got about 4 years ago and they're sort of middle of the line bike shoes I got for clearence from a local bike store. I'm going to be using them on Eggbeater pedals I just bought from Speedgoat and primarily on the road but since I own 4 bikes and 3 pedals (2 sets of Time ATAC carbons and now the eggbeaters for my road bike) it might serve double duty for a bit.