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seatposts: why such low ratings in "Reviews"(4 posts)

seatposts: why such low ratings in "Reviews"sprockets2
Nov 25, 2001 8:45 PM
I am looking for a new post and I thought I would pick up a titanium campy post that I saw for sale. I just happened to be looking in reviews and thought I would look up that post. Holy S#$!! It and many others (D-Ace) get a good thrashing in there. I could not believe that so many posts have such large problems. Are there that many post problems, are seatposts just that hard to get right, is Thompson really that good? Where should I sit?
re: ease of adjustment would be my guessdzrider
Nov 26, 2001 5:44 AM
Thompson seatposts are unusually easy to adjust for the seat angle. Be sure that you get one that's set back if you ride with your present seat far back on the rails. The model without any setback is more common and doesn't allow me to get far enough back for my knees to clear my elbows when I'm riding n the drops.
campy ti works for megrandemamou
Nov 27, 2001 4:56 AM
I haven't read the reviews on it. Pretty straight forward to adjust.
The Lowly Seatpostgrzy
Nov 28, 2001 4:15 PM
Until recently no one gave the lowly seatpost much thought. It was probably dropped on the newest design engineer as punishment for forgetting to buy donuts on Fridays. There are a lot of crappy posts out there and only a few good ones. Even the Seven post is a POS - it *will* fail on you. Got a small pile of heavy, broken, and difficult to use posts - lemme know if you want something really cheap.

The Thomson is a no-brainer. Hook it up and it works - flawlessly. I found out about them by accident when I needed a slightly longer post for my MTB - (longish legs/shorter torso CAAD3 "compact geometery). The thing has been bomber and has transfered to my Jekyll with no signs of failure. this in spite of the abuse and indignities I put my MTB's through - though I'm no heavy weight I manage to crash too much. I was so inspired that I put one on the road bike a few years ago - again it made the transfer to the new ride. You can get them with set back, forward lean (for tri-guys), and they have a new clamp piece to get enough nose drop required by some saddles. the things are bomber being machined from solid stock, an oval center bore and a sweet angle index on the clamp mechanism. the wieght is pretty darn good also, but CF is a bit lighter. Getting a Thomson in black is a bit of a wait as are some strange diameters.

You should never sit directly on the seat post - a saddle is highly advised. ;-)