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some crash related equipment questions(11 posts)

some crash related equipment questionsWoof the dog
Nov 25, 2001 7:49 PM
No, it happened again! I slide out yet again on slick wet tarmak. Boy, does my body slide hehe. I am still trying to figure out my sleeping position for the next week.

I ground down a left speedplay pretty good. Expensive to replace the pedal body? How do these pedals function after being sandpapered on the outer edge right above the black cap?

Durace QR: I probably took almost 1mm off on one side of the endcap (guesstimate), which is quite a lot if you think about it. I will probably touch it up with a file/sandpaper. You guys think mfr. adds extra metal to the QR ends? It would make sense because they usually come in contact with an assfault.

Is there anyone out there who finds S.body geom. and SI SLR saddles comfortable...both of them? Someone named Doug Sloan, possibly? I went numb on some Specialized kevlar revolution that I replaced with body geom. comp. that was really comfy. But since this saddle is getting all ripped up after all the dumb crashes, I am thinking about replacing it with SLR.

Is it possible to get just one durace shifter? Left one.

Thank you

Woof, the "I hate rain" dog.

BTW, another shorts and jersey day in NE. Warm like deer guts.
re: some crash related equipment questionsCT1
Nov 25, 2001 7:58 PM
Bummer about the crashes. ??? As you are experiencing, lightly wet ground can be real slick.... remember that oil floats. :-(

Hmmm..... I mentioned this on the other board but the SLR really sucks IMHO. It is VERY narrow in the rear and has a funny rounded profile. The cover is way flimsy also. At best this saddle could be considered a crit or climbing specific saddle. There have been others that like this saddle though. ??? I suppose if you have a VERY narrow sit bone structure then maybe.... ???

My suggestion for numbness relief is the SI Flight TA. It's not ultra light at an actual 260gms but I've put mega miles on mine and no problema with the hw. :-)

Good rides and good luck sleeping!
sorry to hear. its the leaves and the rain....dupe
Nov 26, 2001 4:41 AM
hey woof,

i have an old seat like the one you mentioned that i dont use and is yet to be scraped. specialised pro-long (?) something. i found it ok? its as new and unmarked.

its yours for FREE if you spring for shipping as you sound like you need a few expensive parts that will need replacing. FREE FREE FREE

with regards the skewer - i would ride a cheap new ones rather than a soon to fail dura-ace one. could be worth an order to supergo or the like. even airborne has some for $15 (dont wory youll probably scrape the name off).

i too have been gratefull for whatever bikehandling skills i have as i have noticed the residue from all the leaves combined with damp roads mighty slippery. some descents have been pretty freaky.

heal up and ride again.
you think the skewer is going to fail....dope
Nov 26, 2001 7:11 AM
because the end nut got scraped?! please
get out from behind your pseudonym and...dupe
Nov 26, 2001 7:39 AM
post something more than just smarmy comments.

think about it. what have you gained by any of your posts on these forums? you have nothing to add which has me asking why waste your time?

i offer an opinion on a skewer that i cant see but am suggesting that if there is doubt its not worth risking. and if you find that "assuming" is somehow inferior or dumb perhaps you better look at your own post to my question on wheel prep. PLEASE....

read your own posts you might just see how silly you are. or just keep logged in under your "nice" alter-ego login name.

at least you chose the right name.
Nov 26, 2001 3:27 PM
oooooooh ... such ferocity AND wit.dupe
Nov 26, 2001 4:25 PM
not to mention insouciance and panache.

idiot -(ref) a person afflicted by idiocy, having a mental age of 2 years or less and requiring constant care.

well....thats not me. but your choice of name is again startlingly packed with insight as on your part it is very much a case of "the pot calling the kettle black". a rare example of idiot savant on these very pages.

i beg to ask "why" but as Nelson Algren wrote "some cats just swing like that".
wtf? be nice and civil please!!!Woof the dog
Nov 26, 2001 6:07 PM
serious. Dupe is the man!
Deer guts! I'm too excited, esp right after Turkey carcassBirddog
Nov 26, 2001 6:15 AM
I like to roll in fresh deer guts, it drives owners crazy. After rolling in them, eat till you drop. A good barf in the house is worth extra pts.

Many times I see single shifters up for bid on Ebay, I'm sure they are the result of replacement after crashes like yours. I have a friend who just couldn't find a saddle narrow enough for his butt until he got the SLR. So far he likes it , but hasn't had a ride of over 50 miles, probably 400 miles total. The verdict is still out on it for a century.

As for the Speedplay, E-mail and ask, but I'm pretty sure they'd say replace, liability area you know. Sometimes the Mfg will cut you a deal for a good sob story. Hope to hear you are chasin' er ridin' bikes soon.

Your canine bro,
re: some crash related equipment questionsgrzy
Nov 26, 2001 9:22 AM
Couple Vicodins and a beer chaser works wonders for sleeping.

Ground down pedals are no big deal unless interal guts are showing.

QR's are no biggie - the real meat on the nut is the steel portion against the drop out - the rest is just window dressing. Reduced an Ultegra end to it's basic elements (i.e. no cheesy plastic) on a 50 mph fall - rode the thing for many miles (at speed) after that. Maybe the skewer has a crack, but that would be about it.

Find the Specialized saddles to be the work of Satan. Selle Italia rules, but YMMV.

For DA parts go to to the Europe section then look up the detailed exploaded views - you can get the PN that you need. Big problem is getting someone in the USA to actually order the parts for you from Shimano USA, but you should be near the $50 minimum charge. maybe get some spare caps or hoods to boost the total?

BTW - deer guts last longer than gopher guts.
re: some crash related equipment questionsweiwentg
Nov 27, 2001 4:53 PM
someone's selling a left dura ace st-7700 lever on ebay.

perhaps ironically, the seller said 'Worth having as a spare, especially if you fall down alot while cyclocross racing'. :D

good job you landed on your left side - you saved the drivetrain. ;)