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Spoke storage ideas?(3 posts)

Spoke storage ideas?nee Spoke Wrench
Nov 25, 2001 6:31 AM
I've worked in four different shops and I have a pretty complete bike shop in my home. Considering length, style and color, it's pretty easy to accumulate 60 or 80 different spoke skews to pick through to find the one that I need. NONE of the shops I've worked in has a spoke storage system that I'm happy with.

My least favorite thing about Wheelsmith spokes is the packages they come in. At my current employer's shop, I have to dig through a box of rubber banded bundles with tiny hand written paper labels to find the one I need. DT's at least come in little stackable boxes that have the length and style marked on the ends, but the boxes get out of order.

Anybody have any ideas for an economical, compact storage system that a guy with average carpenter skills could fabricate?
You can get...TJeanloz
Nov 25, 2001 7:58 AM
Wheelsmith just makes you buy the boxes seperately. We store all of our spokes in Wheelsmith boxes- the boxes are stackable and open like drawers, so you can keep them in order by gauge, butting and length.
re: Spoke storage ideas?grzy
Nov 28, 2001 3:58 PM
Lengths of PVC pipe cut shorter than the spokes so you don't have to go fishing Keep the diameter smallish for space reasons - also realize that 50 spokes don't take up much space. You can then drill pilot holes and use drywall/deck/self tapping screws to attach them into any sort of wood/metal frame that meets your space requirements and angle them slightly upwards so things stay put. This can be a portable rack or a fixed installation. Can't get much cheaper than a couple lengths of PVC - slap end caps on the end, but don't glue them in case you need to retreive some loose nipples. Been thinking about going this route in my shop.

I like that phrase "loose nipples" - it makes me think unpure thoughts ;-)