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OK, Ted, time for you to embarrass me again....(7 posts)

OK, Ted, time for you to embarrass me again....lonefrontranger
Nov 21, 2001 8:40 PM
I'm working on building my fixie back up. It's got mostly 70's vintage Campy track bits on it, and the chain is positively archaic, maybe even older than I am. Came with a screw and very thin square washer assembly that holds it together, if you can believe that. I still have the screw, but the washer fell off somewhere along Rt. 222 in Milford, OH. I've been limping along by keeping an eye on it and an eyeglasses screwdriver in my seat bag. It doesn't back out unless I put it under a lot of strain (hard spinning). The whole setup works really well except for this.

Q: Has anyone ever seen a configuration like this? Can I get away with Loctite, or should I try to locate another thin washer? The combo of thin (~1mm) and proper thread pitch will be a headache, I'm thinking.
why not just get a new chain?arf
Nov 21, 2001 8:49 PM
$9 is pretty good for peace of mind
I would except that 70's cog/ring has got whacked pitch. nmlonefrontranger
Nov 21, 2001 9:01 PM
re: OK, Ted, time for you to embarrass me again....slomo
Nov 21, 2001 10:51 PM
another possible solution would be to tap a plate (a piece of link material or whatever approximates the original thickness) your little bolt will indicate the diameter and pitch. Or get your lbs to do it.
re: OK, Ted, time for you to embarrass me again....TJeanloz
Nov 22, 2001 7:11 AM
Is driving back to Ohio with a metal detector out of the question?

Seriously, I don't see why this isn't a great application for red loctite. There aren't many opportunities to use the stuff, but you'll be able to get the chain off when its time comes using a standard chain tool (I assume?), but I think it would hold the screw in there.
Thanks, I've been looking for a reason to use red Loctite! nmlonefrontranger
Nov 22, 2001 8:43 PM
Found your washer- call to I.D.!!Crankist
Nov 25, 2001 4:36 PM