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Wheel Sizes ???(2 posts)

Wheel Sizes ???allan (UK)
Nov 18, 2001 1:13 PM
have acquired a 20 year old Carlton Corsair (for £10 !!!). The frame I will get resprayed but it needs new wheels. The originals are 27 1/4 inch, can I put 700 size wheels on ?. Any comments or info would be greatly welcomed.
MiscegenationKerry Irons
Nov 19, 2001 5:11 PM
One answer is that yes, you can put 700c wheels on, but your brakes probably can't be adjusted so the pads will reach the rims - 700c wheels are about 8mm smaller radius so you will need that much travel in your brake pads to make it work. Will also reduce your cornering clearance, but that is probably not much of an issue for this bike. Not exactly top of the line IIRC.