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Down Spec of Road Groupo(4 posts)

Down Spec of Road Groupotribiker
Nov 16, 2001 8:15 PM
Buying new bike and would like help choosing which components are good candidates for down spec'ing. For instance Ultegra group with 105 cogs. Which components make sense? Or am I pinching pennies? Should I stay with all Ultegra? Or what components might be the best to up spec to Dura Ace?

Thanks for your input.
New cyclist from Utah
Pinching pennies but nothing comes outKerry Irons
Nov 17, 2001 2:10 PM
Assuming that you are buying a frame and then getting components to put on it? Typically, your best deal cost-wise is to get a build kit. Trying to do a lot of substituting will likely not save you any money but will drop the quality of the parts you get. The build kit supplier has put together a mix of stuff and shaved the price on that standard kit - asking for substitutions may well goof that up. Look at the catalog prices and you'll see there's not much money on the table for what you are asking. The way to really save money is to not by "factory" boutique wheels but rather have someone like Colorado Cyclist or Excel Sports build them. This does not mean CHEAP wheels, just a good price on whatever wheels you get. Cheap wheels are the best way to make a good bike into something less.
re: Down Spec of Road Groupoflybyvine
Nov 18, 2001 6:16 PM
Stick with one groupset. You can find it more expensive if you start to downspec items as everything gets charged at individual prices instead of a group price.

Consider Daytona (or the newly named equvalent). All the feel and function of Record 10 but cheaper (I ride both & in some respects the Daytona setup feels better but that could be the different bikes or co-incidence).
I would up spec :-)metonymy3
Nov 19, 2001 8:59 PM
Seriously, "downspecing" will make you sorry.

IMHO, Ultegra is great, but the Dura ace levers feel so much better. That's the part of the group that you touch all the time, and besides, Ultegra levers rattle. I would get DA levers with an Ultegra group. Maybe a DA rear derailleur. The cassette, BB, and front derailleur I would definitely not "up-spec". It's just not worth it, unless you're going for the, "Yeah, it's full Dura-Ace." ring (It does sound nice ;-). brake calipers might be a good place to go 105? I would stay Ultegra.

This is assuming that you're buying all your parts separately. A build kit, or a complete bike, are better deals. Also, if you're looking to save more money, go 105, and bump the levers, derailleur to Ultegra. Not first choice.

Now Campy I know nothing about, but it may be a viable option.

Good luck, and get back to us.


PS- make sure you leave room in the budget for some nice wheels. Very important. More important than the group, IMO.