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cheap (?) way to change campy 8 cass & hub to 9 speed?.(5 posts)

cheap (?) way to change campy 8 cass & hub to 9 speed?.dupe
Nov 15, 2001 5:56 AM

am looking at a set of wheels for bad weather only. saw a set with an 8 speed hub and cassette. if i could ride as is great but i have 9 speed 2001 levers that i would like to keep 9 speed for my other wheels.

can i simpy block out 1 gear with derailleur adjustment or do i have to replace the freehub body, buy newer spacers and an additional gear? or will i need to buy a new casette?

i am only looking at these as i figure for the slushy/wet days comming up i wont mind trashing them. looking for a cheap route.


ciao, ben
Nov 15, 2001 9:35 AM
I have a pair of beater pair of (Campy) 8 speed wheels I use with my 9 speed shifters. I don't bother doing anything - the "shortage" is at the low gear (i.e.spokes) end of the block and I never go right over there anyway. I suppose to be ultra safe you ought to block the derail movement, but I don't bother - it's just too handy not to.
You might be better with shimano.blair
Nov 15, 2001 6:19 PM
I know that is scandalous, but the spacings of the cassette are closer. Campy 9 is 4.55 mm per shift. Shimano 8 is 4.8 and shimano 9 is 4.35, while campy 8 is 5.0. So this would lead to the conclusion that shimano 9 is the most compatible. And there are plenty of cheap shimano training wheels available.

About campy 8spd and 9spd, the splines on the freehub body are different. If you are mechanically inclined, Branford will sell you the freehub body for about $60. A campy hub is beautiful taken apart, but since the pawls are exposed, a bit trickier to put back together.

If you pass on the set could you email me. I'm still running 8 spd and could use a good rear wheel. BTW...How large can fatigue cracks around a spoke hole get before a spoke pulls out?
well actually............dupe
Nov 16, 2001 3:29 AM
its a little more complex than that.

its a set of zipp wheels that may go reasonably cheap. i contacted zipp but they are out of spare freehubs and can only sell me a whole 9 speed hub for crash replacement price (?) of $114. too much for me to play with considering id then have to get a new cassette or space the old one an add another ring.

but i checked out branford and they do have wheels manufacturing cassette specer kits for converting steel loose cog 8 speed to 9 speed. it comes with a 13 tooth lockring only and i would then have to purchase a smaller gear as the additional gear (ie 23-27). its all getting a bit too much for my little pockets. although it would be easier mechanically for me to play with.

and if anyone is interested the wheelset is on ebay

they will definately be out of my price range now. i just thought they would be an interesting set of wheels if they went cheap.

with regards to fatigue cracks on rims; i am none too sure but as rims are reasonaby cheap i would wait too long before finding out unless you find someone who is knowledgable on these things. this place have some good if not fashionable rims which are reasonable in price.

if you run tubulars i have a wheelset with only 50 miles that i am looking to sell. but is a shimano pattern 8/9 speed hub. i built them to race with and never did. i may sell the wheels manu cassette (to work with campy 9 and conti sprinters (both 50 miles) with them. no skewers.

if you have any interest email me

thanks for the info.

ciao, ben
No you wouldn't.....Jumbo
Nov 16, 2001 7:14 AM
You can just ride the 8 speed as is on your 9 speed - the difference in spacing is a non issue - just trim your derail on the middle of the block and off you go - no fuss no worries. Too good a deal to miss.