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Carbon forks(2 posts)

Carbon forksmapman
Nov 15, 2001 4:27 AM
Looking for an opinion on straight vs. curved carbon fork blades. Why the difference? What are the ride characteristic differences? Also, anyone heard of Leader Bike forks? Are they a quality unit?
re: Carbon forksEric
Nov 15, 2001 2:42 PM
For two forks of exactly the same material construction and same geometry - one curved and one straight - there will be no perceivable ride difference. Now, if you are talking about comparing all-carbon forks with carbon crowns and steerers to forks with steel or aluminum steerers and aluminum crowns with carbon legs bonded on, that's different. The all-carbon fork with carbon crown and steerer provides much more shock absorption.

A wise framebuilder once told me about straight vs. curved forks "The front wheel doesn't care how it got there. What is important is where it is."