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neuron? cinelli supercorsa?(6 posts)

neuron? cinelli supercorsa?colker
Nov 14, 2001 4:05 AM
does anyone have comments on this frame and/ or tubing? thanks
comments, yesNessism
Nov 14, 2001 1:51 PM
The Cinelli Supercorsa uses "standard" sized tubes not "oversized" as has become the norm these days. In this instance, standard means 1-1/8 inch seat and down tubes and a 1 inch top tube. When coupling these smaller sized tubes with the Neuron tubeset, which is quite thin, the result yields a fairly flexable frame. Now chrome the entire frame as Cinelli does before painting (adding a fair amount of dead weight), and you wind up with a medium heavy, fairly flexable frameset. This formula makes for a nice century ride but not the best racing frameset.
do you know other cinelli frames?colker
Nov 14, 2001 5:31 PM
the aluminum alliante, unica. proxima.
i ride a fairly heavy pinarello, the cadore. i have an offer to buy a slightly big (1cm bigger) vuelta at an excellent price= $450! also, i could a good deal on cinellis.
i may as well pass them all and save for a colnago master light, three times more expensive than the vuelta.
what do you think? can't decide!
do you know other cinelli frames?Nessism
Nov 15, 2001 6:35 AM
Not really. I'm mechanical engineer and a garage steel frame builder so I have studied tubesets, mostly steel, extensively. As far as the other frames listed goes, what tubesets are used? I tried to check but the site is down? You can compare the tube thickness and diamaters to get some idea of how they will ride. Good luck.
many thanks!>>>colker
Nov 15, 2001 7:59 AM
love steel bikes. like many here, i came from a mountain bike lifestyle to the road. i've been riding a low end pinarello (cadore) which, compared to my ibis mojo, is much stiffer. pinnarello has some proprietary steel tubes or at least name known materials with their own acronisms so it's hard to compare withe other frames.
the cadore has a one piece steel fork, no crown, which is heavy and should give a rough ride. it's a heavy frame.
new pinarellos are aluminum. only the opera is made of steel but it's way too expensive!
i may buy a colnago tecnos...
thanks again
Tecnos is good choiceNessism
Nov 15, 2001 11:44 AM
As I remember, the Tecnos uses Columbus ELOS tubing which is nice stuff. Go for it.