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Shiimano FD 6501 flight deck(4 posts)

Shiimano FD 6501 flight deckweiwentg
Nov 13, 2001 8:25 AM
guys, has anyone used the latest model of the Flight Deck? are there any problems with it? specifically, has the 'ghost-shifting' problem everyone howled about in the reviews been fixed?
re: Shiimano FD 6501 flight deckzelig1
Nov 13, 2001 9:00 AM
Yes, using a 6501 head unit with the wireless sender and DA levers (single button on each side). No problems with accidental resetting trip time/distance or ghost-shifting. I've had it for about 1,000 miles. The transmitter battery died, so what and it's widely available. Also, it has no backlite provision alo Campy's ergobrain. The last part's a bummer if you ride when it's dark out. Other than that, works fine. However, if you don't need either the virtual cadence and/or the gear indicators, stick with a more basic computer as the cost makes it a so-so value. Neat integration of the switches into the STI lever and setup is a breeze. First time setting of the head unit's painful but that's a function of the poorly, ie directly translated, manual.
re: Shiimano FD 6501 flight deckweiwentg
Nov 13, 2001 4:30 PM
thanks, I was just curious. sort of considering that as my next update, but that won't be very soon, anyway.
as for direct translation: All Your Base Are Belong To Us! You are on the way to destruction!
Ha ha ha ha!
re: Shiimano FD 6501 flight deckfeathers mcgraw
Nov 13, 2001 9:50 PM
Just read through the reviews and I'm shocked. I've had nothing but positive impressions of this product. I've never once tripped the computer by accident (the buttons aren't that close to where you would rest your hands), nor have I ever ghost shifted the rear cogs. The only time I've had an incorrect gear display is while trimming the front derailer, and this is a pretty minor complaint. Do get the newer model where the buttons are on either side. I really think this is an excellent computer for racers as it alleviates the need to glance at your cogs to see what gear you're in, and it prevents you from crossing your chain when you're at your limit and not thinking straight. Having a cadence readout without running extra wires is pretty sweet, too.