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Any news about 2002' D-A?(5 posts)

Any news about 2002' D-A?Samu Ilonen
Nov 9, 2001 2:03 AM
I know about Triple chain ring cranks but any else? Specially Sti-levers? Some one claimed that brakes are changed....

And I need new light stem so any alternatives for Thes stem,Millenium,mag00 or Solido in 2002'?

re: Any news about 2002' D-A?bikerduder
Nov 9, 2001 8:00 AM

I recently got the new DA triple and since it's my first experience with DA, not sure I'm right here, but according to the mech at my LBS, there are several changes to DA in the triple group:
1) As you mention, the front teeth counts are different on DA - 30/39/53 vs the 30/42/52 offered on the Ultegra & 105 triple groups. Personally, I like it a lot better. I have ridden the Ultegra triple for last 4 years and rode doubles for years. The new DA 'feels' like a double, with the added benefit of a great granny when you need it.
2) I understand the new DA bottom bracket required for the triple is now a sealed bearing unit like the Ultegra. I don't know enough technically about the subject, but we compared the DA bb to the old Ultegra before installing and they looked the same.
3) The Rear derailleur was changed - it has larger pullies and a shorter arm length, which allows for a shorter chain, which translates to less play and crisper shifts. Don't know if this is true, but it definitely shifts crisper and they are more precise.

I opted out of the brakes in the group, decided to keep the Ultegras, as there is very minimal weight difference, the DA brakes are expensive, and my Ultegra brakes still look new and work fine. The other opt-out was the head-set. I went with the Chris King threaded instead of the DA, so I can't help you with your stem question.
re: Any news about 2002' D-A?mantissa
Nov 10, 2001 8:39 PM
I recently got a new bike equipped with what seems to be 2002 d/a. A nice feature it has - which I believe was not in previous editions - is the left shifter's ability to "trim" the front deraileur position. Again, I think campy ergo levers have done this for some time, but that this is the first year d/a provides trimming - could be totally wrong on that as this is my first d/a group. It works quite nicely, giving about 3 positions on the small ring and 2 on the big one.
Ultegra had trim in 2001spookyload
Nov 11, 2001 8:04 PM
Two positions in each chainring. I haven't tried the Dura Ace yet, but I assume it had the trim also.
re: Any news about 2002' D-A?weswu
Nov 12, 2001 10:07 AM
I have D/A 8-speed from 1994. I can trim just fine (large ring only)