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'02 Rolfs an '02 Zipp wheelsets, they finally understand !(23 posts)

'02 Rolfs an '02 Zipp wheelsets, they finally understand !Cyclorocket
Nov 8, 2001 6:48 PM

Ouch this will hurt Zipps, and all other carbon wheelset makers !
I hope the Price won't be awfull : (more then 1k$)
AND I hope he will be enough wise to make a clinch version !

talking about clinch rims go check new '02 zipp rims, it's gettig very good : 415g, 40mm profile, clincher ! bye bye open pro (wellcome credit card...)

(I know 90% of you hate rolfs wheelsets, other 10% don't know what are rolfs :-], you have to admit : <500g fr wheel is quite ok...)
Don't Hate em', Just don't Trust em'bikerduder
Nov 8, 2001 7:00 PM

I have owned a set of Vector Pros for just about a year now. Overall I think they are great racing wheel. Trek and some LBS did a diservice to their customers in pushing these wheels on anyone that will buy them. I was told they are bullet proof....probably true for a 150 lb. rider. But I believe these and other small spoke count wheels should only be used for and by racers. Those 10-spoke wheels on the website look really cool, but the first time one of those high tension spokes breaks, the wheel is going to pancake and kill somebody. These wheels should not be used for training or by heavy riders like me.
just need to steer when you see a potholeCyclorocket
Nov 9, 2001 6:30 AM
Sure the 10 spoke wheel won't be training wheel BUT Rolf Pros are really tough, One guy on the team use the for training, like another who use REV-X.

I don't get why you heavy riders are heavy ? riding 5000km/year SHOULD make you lose weight. Why experience cyclist weights +200lbs ? You must eat eggs and becon every day !, else you are arnold shwarzn'burger :-]

I don't get why you heavy riders are heavy ?bikerduder
Nov 9, 2001 7:41 AM

Give me a break! Have you ever looked around you and noticed that not everyone is the same size? Not every bike rider out there is 5'8 and under 170. I am 6'2"' have a 48" chest, weigh 225 lbs. and yes, I am 'big-boned', but I am in great shape. I could probably lose a few lbs., no make that definitely, but the point is not everyone is the same. You talk in absolutes, like everything that works for you should work for everyone else. This year I will ride over 5,000 miles (+8,000 km?) and it has had a fairly insignificant effect on my weight. I have lost about 20 lbs. since the beginning of the season in April, which equates to only an 8% drop over 30+ weeks.

By the way, I agree with you that the Vector Pros are really tough! My point was when a spoke breaks, the low spoke count and the related rim deformation will make the wheel unridable. This is true for any low-spoke wheel. As someone who has been stranded on a long solo ride out in East Bumblef**k, I meant it as a caution - I no longer trust these wheels for training and am going to build up a new set of old-fashioned 32-spoke wheels, because I know they will get me home.
arnold schwarzzenegger :]Cyclorocket
Nov 9, 2001 12:39 PM
5'8 170lbs is not a cyclist, 5'8 <150 would be
6'2 225lbs is neither a cyclist, 6'2 <175lbs would be

you are in great shape but not for cycling,

this winter you must concentrate on losing weight, and cut those upper body musculation session. Big arms = small head, big legs = big head , that's what I'm telling myself each weight training session

"Have you ever looked around you and noticed that not everyone is the same size?" Yes I do look around and I can tell you that there is less then 5% (appro) people >225 doing serious cycling, THE SAME THING applies for people <150 doing serious hockey

If you want to stay arnold schwarzzenegger (spelling!) you do need to keep 32spoke wheels...but how much cyclists are >200 and want to stay at this weight? Cutting weight is the way to perform, damn you have to admit that your rides with -20lbs are 10 times more fun, imagine at 190 with powerfull legs !

for spoke brokage : let's say you do 101 rides in the season,
Open Pro 32 spoke/fr&re : 101 normal rides
rolf Pro : 100 nice rides + 1 very bad (a spoke has break)
I really don't mind having a minimum reliability but maximum performance !

It's up to you to choose : are you racing down the roads or you are going to stay under 15kph (around 10mph) while climbing.

What a bunch of sh!te. (nm)grzy
Nov 9, 2001 1:36 PM
How much does Marty Nothstein weigh?ColnagoFE
Nov 12, 2001 10:32 AM
he doesn't appear to be a lightweight and he's definately a cyclist.
How much does the top 3 at TdF weighted ?Cyclomoteur
Nov 13, 2001 10:27 AM
Lance, Ulrich and Joseba do appear to be lightweight and they're definately cyclists.

Reality Checkgrzy
Nov 9, 2001 10:29 AM
The reason why Rolf wheels have a bad reputation is due to the *fact* that people have had problems with them. There is quite a list of complaints. If they work great for you then this is good, but the rest of the cycling world doesn't share your expereince - for what ever the reason - call them idiots if you want. Point is there are lots of other wheels out there that don't suffer the same sorts of woes (blown hubs, broken spokes, water in the rims, not staying true). Why do you want to be a beta user/sucker for the "new and improved" model. Why would anyone want this who places more emphasis on riding vs. tinkering?

Dunno about you but I get pissed when something doesn't live up to it's billing/hype. Maybe other people are like this also. I'll take proven Special K's over a new Rolf POS any day - even if they were giving them away, which I'm sure they're not.

Most of the people that criticize the Rolfs are actual owners as are the defenders. Seems like actual experinces vary. Call it operator error, but it could also be variation in quality.
grzy, we don't take cycling the same way...Cyclorocket
Nov 9, 2001 1:00 PM
Forget rolfs becuz the problem were created by trek who were building them or something like this...once they're fix they're fixed, '00 rolfs were the worse.

Eny way :
Let's say you do 101 races in the season (impossible but...)
You can choose between SL K's and '02 Pros
We have to admit that Pros are more fast then K's (aerodynamics)

you choose '02 SL K's : you get 101 boring rides
you choose '02 Pros : you get 100 nice rides + 1 very bad (spoke problem, blown hubs, water in the rim)

minimum reliability, but MAXIMUM performance
we aren't beta users, we are racers, not pros who got 30hours/week to train, racers who want to have fun droping the big lazy pack, having fun climbing at 6km hill at 20kph
These racers need to choose between ultra performant components or pills, some choose pills other components. and when the day the components won't be enough to put us in the lead, bye-bye racing, I'm going back to riding rest of my life.

Let me tell you a story :
I was praticing a 10km TT with my super-nice Trek, I saw on e asshole pass me with REV-X with a damn nice helmet all this on a weird carbon fibre frame, well that's been 2years he has this bike and it's so nice that he don't call himself a racer, becuz it's too fun having those components.
Nov 9, 2001 1:34 PM
Your talking about what might be and the hypothetical. I have yet to see any ("eny" as you say) data to substantiate your claims. You sound like a market mouth piece or some sucker who took the bait. I guess the Posties had some boring rides this past year - too bad they did't ride Rolfs. So what exactly makes up a "boring ride"?

The problem is that the damage has been done and Rolf products burned a lot of people. Now they have to repair their reputation - good thing there are people like yourself. The whole idea of going with "minimum reliability, but MAXIMUM performance" makes little sense to most of us. What if the failure is your championship race (or whatever?). With Ksyriums you don't have to play this game. Ultimately your arguements are ill concieved, poorly thought out and badly executed. You come off sounding like a 20 year old poseur. A beta user is any sucker who buys the first untested product out of the chute - that would be you - only to find out what the problems are. There's a damn good reason why the Rolf product isn't that successful - it's not that good and the market has spoken.

BTW - there is no such thing as a "super nice Trek" - I should know I used to own one. You also cannot say that Trek is great then blame the Rolf wheel problem on them. Again, illogical. Which is it?

Kinda funny that you'd call some guy that passed you on trick stuff an a'hole - - being that you're such an accomplished racer. You must've been on the wrong wheels..... I think you need to go back to
Give up on him, grzybikerduder
Nov 9, 2001 1:44 PM
He is convinced his view is the only right one - I have grown weary of it. I just had a great Friday afternoon ride in the middle of November in Chicago, on my way to another 150-mile week. I may be too heavy to be a "serious" biker, but I sure did enjoy myself! Have a great weekend.
You do realize you're arguing with a 17 yr. old, right???dsc
Nov 9, 2001 2:46 PM
I tried to post an answer to a question about the use of creatine on the Racing board awhile back (I've been involved with weight training longer than he's been alive) and got blasted for it. Of course he totally miss-read my point, but apparently, that does not matter!
Also, realize that he's French-Canadian, and probably doesn't understand half of the content of the posts that he's replying to, coupled with the ego of a 17 y/o boy...

I hope God will help you with the 17y/o boy !Cyclorocket
Nov 10, 2001 11:26 AM
Guys you are just bullshiting infos. You don'T know what you are talking about.

I talk with the team today about the market bullshit you told me !!! damn we laugh on that one.

Ks are better then Pros or Zipps or ... !!!LOL

Com'on, you can do better then that ! Buy a Walmart bike, it's ultra resistant, meaby it's around 40lbs but WHO CARES : it's reliable.

sorry, Market theory was grzyCyclorocket
Nov 10, 2001 11:29 AM
fu(k, you don't know what you are talking about...Cyclorocket
Nov 9, 2001 3:16 PM
"I guess the Posties had some boring rides this past year - too bad they did't ride Rolfs."
-The posties did ran in '00 on rolf, still when Mavic puts money on the table for '01, i guess they had more then rolf

"BTW - there is no such thing as a "super nice Trek" - I should know I used to own one. You also cannot say that Trek is great then blame the Rolf wheel problem on them. Again, illogical."
-You did not get that I was talking about apperance

You don't understand "minimum reliability, maximum performance" there is a minimum of reliability that WE need, becuz we steer when we are heading into potholes, maximum performance is givin more speed with same output. racers don't break spokes, only fatty like you.

I'm gonna tell you why your kind buy Ks : becuz you did not pass your physic exam when you were young AND got bait by a clerc, 700$ for that heavy non-aero wheelset ! Com'on think with your head not with your ass; Ks in two years won't exist enymore. go talk with real racers, not pros who are back-up by mavic, racers in CAT1-2, give them the choice: they would choose Rolfs even if the K's were free, witch is not the case.

"There's a damn good reason why the Rolf product isn't that successful - it's not that good and the market has spoken." the market is fu(kers like you, witch...BLA-BLA-BLA.

you analyze like a 10yo girl, word by word
by the way I'm french and i don't know english very well.

check the next topic, now you will shut your mouth
-Guillaume, if we could just climb, I'd show you who's the market mouth piece :[

you have to know french or know how to use a translator
Hey maroonPack Meat
Nov 9, 2001 3:49 PM
Posties used Ks and are sponsered by Trek. Trek owned and made Rolfs. With that said, I rode and raced Sestrieres all season and I love them.

There is no such thing as a very nice Trek and I don't care if you are talking about appearence or performance.

Com'on !, YOU don't know what you are writing about !Cyclorocket
Nov 10, 2001 11:19 AM
posties did use rolfs in '00, just order Trek last year catalogue (if you could read the post you would have reed that they use Ks in '01, Rolfs in '00)

Trek doesn't own Rolf,

and yes you can get a reply from him.

You have a dog ?
there is no such thing as a very nice dog and I don't care...

ouch you should not talk too fast...
Com'on !, YOU don't know what you are writing about !denti
Nov 10, 2001 3:47 PM
when i get good , iwant to be just like you, ha ha ha .
You have a long way to go kid !Cyclorocket
Nov 11, 2001 4:37 PM
re: You have a long way to go kid !denti
Nov 11, 2001 5:03 PM
maybe not as long as you think, you see i can still,and do, ride my bike. beats sitting around trying to recover. see you when you feel better.
Yeah, but he's *SERIOUS*grzy
Nov 12, 2001 4:39 PM
Seriously stoned, maybe.
be nicedupe
Nov 28, 2001 3:16 PM