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Trek 5200 Upgrade Advice or Suggestions(11 posts)

Trek 5200 Upgrade Advice or SuggestionsMaartin
Nov 5, 2001 7:04 PM
I have a 2000 Trek 5200 with about 7,000 miles which I love. I was wondering what others have done to upgrade the bike as time goes by. I want to lighten it up and am considering a new seatpost, stem, handlebar, brake levers and wheelset though the Rolfs have been great. What parts should go first?
re: Trek 5200 Upgrade Advice or Suggestionsinsmanblue
Nov 6, 2001 12:54 AM
Maartin, I am in the very process you are about to go through. I have a 2002 Trek 5200. First I installed a Chris King headset. This didn't really lighten the load but it's quality. Today I ordered a carbon seatpost. Our seatposts are rated at 245 grams. The new one comes in at 128 grams saving about 4 ounces of weight. For about $100 this is very cost effective. After the post I will look at handelbars and stem. This could save an additional 4 ounces but would cost much more than $100. Hope this helps.

I have
Hey what seat post did you order?N/MJuniorRacerFL
Nov 6, 2001 2:41 AM
Hey what seat post did you order?N/Minsmanblue
Nov 6, 2001 11:09 AM
I bought the U.S.E. Alien Carbon. I saw it first at However I purchased it at Performance on line since they match prices and I'm a member.
re: Trek 5200 Upgrade Advice or SuggestionsBikingViking
Nov 6, 2001 1:26 AM
I would always look to lose rotating weight over static weight first. Seatposts and headsets are OK to replace, if they are clunky ones. I would really look at wheels (tires/tubes included), cranks and bottom bracket.

Don't forget your credit card! ;o>
re: Trek 5200 Upgrade Advice or Suggestionsinsmanblue
Nov 6, 2001 11:19 AM
I think you are right. You would see the most improvement in weight reduction in the wheels first. But this can be expensive. Currently I have Mavic Ksyriums which are not the lightest wheel out there but not bad. But they ride nicely and hold up too. Try putting on the Performance Lunar light tubes and you can save an additional 50 grams in the wheels.
re: Trek 5200 Upgrade Advice or Suggestionssprockets
Nov 6, 2001 10:59 AM
Don't get me wrong, I love to upgrade. But I recently went through a round of necessary upgrading and realized that this is really the way to go. Huh? Keep stuff on your bike till it doesn't work, or doesn't work with the other stuff you need to put on, or is getting annoying. I feel so good about my recent upgrades. Want it to wear out faster? Ride more! I really had to do my recent upgrades, and it felt appropriate and valid. High wife acceptance factor, too.

You want to save weight? Seriously, unless you are a maxed-out professional or aspiring racer, follow my lead again. I dieted and ate smarter and I lost ten pounds and it felt great. On and off the bike.

I know these don't satisfy like a new groupo arriving in the mail. But my old bike was as fast as it would have been with new gear, and overall I saved a bunch, and I got better technology NOW than I would have on the bike had I upgraded when the impulse first hit.
So true...I could use to loose about 20 lbs.Maartin
Nov 6, 2001 6:06 PM
More than the weight of the bike !
re: Trek 5200 Upgrade Advice or Suggestionsbikerduder
Nov 6, 2001 9:01 PM

Just finished upgrading my Lemond Carbon (Same frame as yours, older bike). Here's my current setup:

New Paint (Trek furnished free)
Chris King Headset
Technomic stem (Quill - threaded)
Icon Bars
Thomson Elite seatpost
Sella Italia Century saddle
Dura-Ace groupo -- Triple chain rings, cranks, bb, cogs, chain, shifters, derailleurs and cables. I kept the Ultegra brakes
Rolf Vector Pro wheels (actually bought last winter). I am going to replace these though.
Conti GP 3000 tires
Ciussi cages

I spent about 2/3 of what I spent on the original setup, but I love my bike and expect this build to last a long time. I have +11,000 miles on the bike.
My TrekSamu Ilonen
Nov 8, 2001 4:33 AM
I have also 2000' 5200.Wheels were fast but heavy.STi's blowed,bars were light (250g) and stiff but too wide and had guge drop....Fork in good but weights I have 345g one.The frame (1196g/58cm) is best that I have tested and I will keep it long.

Now I'm buidin it for 6200g fot total bike and still race it.

Nov 8, 2001 6:30 PM
Unless you weight in <150lbs for get weight saving components (a little training and you could lose much more !)

BUT : why not boosting aerodynamics ?
you have rolf comps I think ? good aerodynamics on those (I have a pair)
why not getting a deep section wheelset for TTs (like Zipp 404) you will love then so much that you will even ride them in races (no to much wind though) Get new tires (Conti GP Supersonic for TTs) Just this and your TT is +.5 kph ave.

If you don't race :
change shifters (DA works 10 times better), get rolf pros (700$) (for the look and feeling) and what about a nice ITM millenium stem (100$) with a Look aero carbon seatpost (200$). This you give you a totally new bike ! AND will boost the credit card by 1000$

Meaby your LBS will tell you Rolfs are no more but tell them to go to this web :
Rolfs is comming back in '02 alone (sorry but Trek is $hit, only frames are good, I have a Trek me too... don't try trek service, they will get you crazy)

-Guillaume :-]