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Trek's new project one. $550 for a paint job?(10 posts)

Trek's new project one. $550 for a paint job?Helduser
Nov 4, 2001 2:52 PM
I was just on Trek's website. I'm buying a 5200 and I've seen that they are now offering different paint varieties on their bikes. It looks like there making an attempt at making their carbon pretty like Colnago's frames but $550 for one of those paint jobs is hardly worth it. What do you think? The paint jobs are really cool but I wouldn't pay another $550 knowing that I've only improved the paint on my bike.
ever repaint a big scratch on your car?filtersweep
Nov 4, 2001 4:24 PM
granted you are talking about an EXTRA $550, but prep, paint, clearcoat, finishing...
ever repaint a big scratch on your car?TheDuser
Nov 4, 2001 7:56 PM
That's what I mean. It's extra and it doesn't do anything functionally for the bike. Seems a bit much. Not too mention you know trek is mass producing these specialty colored frames.
What JB could do for $550...DMoore
Nov 10, 2001 6:24 PM
If I was going to spend that kind of money for paint, I'd just buy the stock bike and take it to Joe Bell for a repaint. He could do something really distinctive, and you'd be guaranteed of having the only one.
Nov 5, 2001 3:39 AM
I think Colnagos and now these Trek paint jobs are just butt freakin ugly. I don't like all the detail, I'd just rather have plain solid, 1 or 2 colors.

Also, side note, Trek did have bikes equipped with Campy.
I had a 98 Trek 5000 OCLV that came with Campy Veloce.
In the immortal words of Tom Ritchey, "Paint weighs."cory
Nov 5, 2001 8:42 AM
I think it was Ritchey, anyway--several years ago, back when he was still racing, somebody saw him on an unpainted frame and asked why.
I've seen different figures on HOW MUCH paint weighs, but the numbers that come up most often are four to eight ounces per bike. Once I'm down to 0.5 percent bodyfat, I may strip my Cannondale...
i guess my paint and chrome has kept me from greatness-nmdupe
Nov 5, 2001 1:52 PM
yeah, and...filtersweep
Nov 5, 2001 4:44 PM
...and it holds the frame together! I'll bet the frame flexed all over the place like a noodle without any paint!

I seriously doubt there is a half lb. of DRY paint on a bike.

It seems the less a bike costs, the more garish the logos (with some notable exceptions)... kinda like how we have to PAY to have an unlisted phone number!
In the immortal words of Tom Ritchey, "Paint weighs."Helduser
Nov 5, 2001 6:20 PM
My mid-section must have a good 10 pounds of paint on it. I definitely need to ride more. I'm just about at 3k miles for the year I'd better keep plugging. It's probably a bad idea to rub paint thinner on your stomach. :)
In the immortal words of Tom Ritchey, "Paint weighs."koala
Nov 7, 2001 4:19 AM
Its more like 60 grams or 2 ounces.