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Xtra Large handlebar computer clamps for Deda Newton?????(2 posts)

Xtra Large handlebar computer clamps for Deda Newton?????BEifrid
Nov 2, 2001 10:36 AM
Why hasn't Shimano, Cateye, Vetta (not sure if Vetta hasn't already) come out with an adapter or an extra large handlebar clamp for those of us who are blessed with having the Deda Newton stem & bar combo that is 31.7! I actually bought a bike that came with this setup and had I picked out the cockpit myself, I would of opted for the Deda Newton 215 which has the normal handlebars.
Many people have suggested using a very small zip tie, I have taken a thin wire (a paper clip works well) and twisted it together with a pair of pliars to create a tighter clamp around the bars. This comes from Motocross where you usually have to wire wrap your grips so that they don't move......Hmmmmmm, everything seems to trickle down from good 'ol motorcycles.
Anybody have any better suggestions? I just picked up a Flight Deck wireless setup hoping that Shimano would have made a larger clamp or at least a much longer bolt to use. No such luck.
re: Xtra Large handlebar computer clamps for Deda Newton?????Maineliner
Nov 5, 2001 8:32 AM
I have 3T Forgie bars on my bike. The rubber mounting band on my Simga computer works just fine with the larger diameter bar.