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Campy 10sp chain(3 posts)

Campy 10sp chainBIGBOB
Nov 2, 2001 9:44 AM
I am setting up my first bike to have Campy with a 10 speed Daytona groupo. The problem is I don't have the chain tool and have no desire to part with the $65 to purchase one. I have read that it is possible to use a 9 speed chain on a 10 speed setup with little trouble. Is this true? This would allow me to do all future chain work myself, or should I find a LBS with the tool and pay them to install the 10 speed chain? Either way is fine with me. Opinions anyone ?......

Thanks, Bob
re: Campy 10sp chainflybyvine
Nov 3, 2001 3:38 AM
If you hunt through the board you will find a few suggestions:
(1) Use a couple of coins and a normal pair of vice grips to close the Permalink (I have used this 3 times sans the coins & have not problems - one pin at a time until it clicks)
(2) Just insert the pin in the old fashion way with a normal chain tool - no permalink (need to be precise - haven't done this but many find it OK)
(3) Ditch the permalink & use a Graig Superlink (I have one chain with about 1000km and no problems)
(4) Rumour has is that SRAM will have a 10sp chain & Powerlink soon. Wiperman has one already out (although only in UK I think)

Hope that helps
re: Campy 10sp chainKen Ross
Nov 9, 2001 11:30 AM
I just took the Perma-Link out and installed the 10sp chain like any other. I have been using this chain since March 2001 with no problems.