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2 Q's about older stuff (D/A & handlebars)(3 posts)

2 Q's about older stuff (D/A & handlebars)weswu
Oct 31, 2001 10:02 PM
Question 1: Did Shimano make any alterations (other than cosmetic) to the braze on front derailleur going from the 7400 model to the 7700 model? I have a 7400 model and am trying to decide if there is ANY reason to get a new one. I can't really imagine any real differences.

Question 2: What ever happened to good old handlebars with nice "deep" drops? All the current bars seem to be pretty tight in the drops. The only deep drop handlebars I can find (I think they were at were some old Cinelli's that were 26.4 and there really are no stems that fit them anymore. Anyone have opinions of what the "roomiest" current bars are that are not too heavy? (under 250 grams would be nice)


re: 2 Q's about older stuff (D/A & handlebars)TJeanloz
Nov 1, 2001 7:54 AM
1. There is functionally no difference between a 7700 and a 7400 front derailluer.

2. 3T offers its Forma SL in a "Merckx" drop- a deep, continuous radius drop. It is probably in the neighborhood of 280g though. Anything with a very deep drop is by necessity going to be a little heavier.
front derailleur differencesEric
Nov 1, 2001 10:48 AM
The 7700 front derailleur is slightly wider between the plates than the 7400. I believe this was done to reduce the amount of trimming on the 9spd system. And the plates on the 7700 are nickel plated aluminum, which is actually disadvantage because it will wear a little faster. I have a 3 year old 7700 FD which definitely shows some wear. As for using the 7400 with 9spd parts otherwise, I am doing so on one of my bikes and it shifts just as well as the 7700.

I have found the ITM bars (Pro 260 and Millennium) to have deeper drops than the current average. There is a slight anatomic shape to the drop but nothing like a true anatomic bar (like a 3T Forma).