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Help: training plan dilemma(3 posts)

Help: training plan dilemmaRojoRacer
Oct 31, 2001 9:42 PM
I'm currently developing my training plan for the months Nov 01 to April 02 - I live in Australia where the off-season is in summer :) The RR season starts around May.

So I'm working in approx 8 weeks of base work, before starting anaerobic workouts, etc, etc. The problem? I'm going on a vacation for about 4-5 weeks right at the end of the off-season: last week of April + most of May. (FYI- going to Peru to visit the Inca Trail !)

How do I cope with this in my training plan? Should I reconsider my goals and concentrate on the races mid to late in the season. OR should I start training a bit later? How does a break of this length affect my endurance, strength, anaerobic capabilities, etc? (assuming that I would not be on a bike at all during the vacation, and any exercise would be maybe 2 weeks of hiking).

Any advice or opinions ?

I'm currently at a fitness level, after finishing a metric double, where my aerobic system is at a "high" level, but anaerobic system is not so "high". I should mention that it will be my first RR season.
re: Help: training plan dilemmaTJeanloz
Nov 1, 2001 1:57 PM
Since nobody else seems willing to take this one on, I will.

Hiking around in the Andes is not my idea of a vacation. Vacation is double-fisting margaritas in Cozumel. Hiking in the Andes? Them's base miles in my book. Seriously though, in Boulder we could have ridden our bikes 12 months out of the year, but we didn't. To keep our brains fresh, we hiked for a couple of months in the mountains around town. It's really good for the legs. I know a few pro racers who had their breakout seasons following a winter of hiking instead of riding.

So how should you plan this? Since the wintertime is summer for you, I'd do some real workouts in January, AT/Interval type things. Take your vacation, which will serve as the trough of a macrocycle, come back in May and do 2 weeks of AT work with as many miles in between as you can. After that, I think you can transition pretty well into the season.
re: Help: training plan dilemmaRojoRacer
Nov 1, 2001 2:56 PM
Thanks for taking on the challenge!

The thought of hiking being equivalent to base miles did cross my mind - maybe I'll offer to carry other people's packs just to add to the load ;)

Thanks again.