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Any suggestions on building a lightweight Road wheelset(18 posts)

Any suggestions on building a lightweight Road wheelsetKMan1
Oct 30, 2001 12:30 PM
Buying a new bike & will sell the stock Mavic Cosmos (1790grams). Any suggestions on part picks for a build
185 lbs 6"2", road training, a few centuries and possibly trying my had at racing. Would like to keep the price around $400.00

Hubs: American Classic/King/Hope?
Rims: Mavic/Velocity?
X Patterns: radical/2x/3x?

Thanks for any sugestions
re: Any suggestions on building a lightweight Road wheelsetbrider
Oct 30, 2001 1:39 PM
At your weight, I wouldn't try to get too fancy with lightness and lacing patterns. Remember, first you have to get to the finish line before you can finish first. You could probably get away with a 1x or 2x on the front, maybe 28 spoke, but I'd stick with a 32 spoke 3x in the back. Not fashionable or trick, but durable and serviceable. Don't go below 15 gage spokes (you might be able to go to 15/16 double butted). Stick with brass nipples (I've tried alum, and have had moderate success). You might do well to use a taller section rim, but I've had the best success with Mavic Open 4CDs (now Open Pro), and I now weigh 200 at 5'11" (raced at 155 three years ago). Virtually any hub will do. You could probably do two sets for the price of the trick light stuff out there, and you'll have far fewer failures.
Oct 30, 2001 4:05 PM
You'd be surprised how well standard, garden variety wheels perform when stacked up against fancy prebuilt wheels.

32 or 28 spoke. Or maybe a mix with 32 back and 28 front, as noted above. Chris King hubs are fabulous, as is everything else they make, but they cost a ton! You're not going to get $400 wheels with King hubs. American Classic hubs are supposed to be very good, don't know about Hope. I'd even look into DA or Record hubs. They're not fancy, but they're both excellent.

Open Pro rims. 'nuff said.

And get Sapim bladed CX-ray spokes. They're strong and aero, and they're really cool and make up for some of the garden varietiness of 32 spoke Open Pro wheels. ;-)

Use brass nipples, too. You're not a big racer, so the weight savings of Al won't help that much, and brass holds up better.


no, not 'nuff said.Woof the dog
Oct 30, 2001 7:52 PM
Open Pro rims have eyelets that make a clicking sound...I have heard that many of them do, and for that reason I stay away from these rims. They are excellent rims in other aspects, but the clicking sound would drive me nuts. FYI, Velocity aerohead rims don't have eyelets. Besides, I don't like a profile of the Open Pro rim - its so ugly and wide. Velocity aerohead rims are lighter: 405 vs. 425 grams per each. So, there! If you have anything to say a/ Mavic rims being better, say it now. If you gonna allude to the popularity of Mavic rims, don't waste your time. We both know that both of these manufacturers produce a comparable quality rim. So much for you saying "'nuff said"


Woof the dog.
no, not 'nuff said.gwilliams
Oct 31, 2001 4:00 AM
Two out of three of my Open Pro rear wheels make the clicking sound, I have not had any problems with the front rim.

Have you weighed the Velocity rims?KMan1
Oct 31, 2001 7:37 AM
I was leaning toward the Aerohead rims, mfg listed weight is 405, but from what I heard they are comming in at 425. Have you actually weighed your rims or using the mft weights?

Have you weighed the Velocity rims?Woof the dog
Oct 31, 2001 2:43 PM
well, I used mfr weights. So what. You'd expect them to be lighter than Open pros if you follow your own logic. Heavier Aeroheads also implies heavier Open Pros if both rims weigh more than the mfr says. No?

regarding a post below: I think you are overexaggerating (sp?) it. If the wheelbuilder who did these two wheels didn't think these were good rims, he wouldn't have agreed to build w/ them. 'nuff said.
No way....KMan
Nov 1, 2001 7:00 AM
Just because one company underestimates it weights doesnt mean all of them do.
Example....American classic listed weights are pretty much dead on th actual weights....Shimano/Velocity/Race Face mfg weights are less than actuals for the most part. I think WTB actuals are grossly over listed. Formula is usually dead on.......see where I'm going, just because velocity weights may be wrong doesnt mean mavic is.
RE :No way....Cyclorocket
Nov 1, 2001 3:29 PM
Mavic is wrong in their weights though
Building wheels without eyelets, uuuggghhh.JS
Oct 31, 2001 8:20 AM
I'll take the clicking over trying to get even spoke tension on a crappy non-eyeleted wheel anyday.
Have you ever built w/Aeroheads?Kerry Irons
Oct 31, 2001 5:36 PM
The wheels I've built with them gave no problems. Went together quickly, even tension easily, and they've held up well. Have you had problems with these rims, or are you just superstitious?
No real experience I'm sureKMan
Nov 1, 2001 7:03 AM
I have a MTB wheelset build with Velocity Aeroheat rims (no eyelets) and after 2 years not a single problem.
Personal preference here but I've seen too many problem with Mavic rims and really try & shy away from anything Mavic
Another vote for Velocity AeroheadsKerry Irons
Oct 30, 2001 5:19 PM
Plus 14/15 or 15/16 spokes, brass nipples. If you're looking to spend for a King hubset ($350 per set), what's wrong with Campy ($195) or DA ($170)? Somehow, I don't think you can build a $400 wheel set with $350 hubs. Colorado Cyclist will build a set of Campy Record/Aerohead wheels for $306, complete, and CC has a good reputation.
re: Any suggestions on building a lightweight Road wheelsetgearjunky
Oct 30, 2001 7:25 PM
I built a nice set as follows: Black Velocity aerohead rims, 24 hole bladed radial laced front with Am Classic hub. Rear is 28 hole 2x, 3x 14/15 gauge on a DA hub. Extremely lightweight, durable, with a little aero aspect. Much cheaper and more user serviceable than Ksyriums.
How much do you weighKMan
Oct 31, 2001 7:30 AM
Your build is pretty much what I was leaning towards, other than the AM Classic rear hub. Using Brass or Alloy nipples?

very easy ...excel sports cirrus - no frills, no worries..dupe
Oct 30, 2001 10:31 PM
d/ace hubs, 2x revo's front, 3x 14/15 drive side/revo non drive side rear, 32h open pro's. and they build pretty good wheels. at $295 you can spring for tires, tubes and still get change from $400.

you can service and true them yourself or at any half-decent lbs. parts will never be a worry. i wouldn't even bother building them myself at the price they offer. at 1616 grams (claimed) i suppose their is a fair reason to "downgrade" to these.

as you are 185lb's its a good safe option. there are better (?) wheels but at what price and how much better are they. the only problem i can see is their lack of wow factor.........gee wiz

ciao, ben
Personal preference: Hugi 240 and CampyLeisure
Oct 31, 2001 1:27 AM
The Hugis are marginally lighter than Kings but much quieter. I've got Kings on my RM Instinct (mountain) and I love them, but on a road bike they'd be too much. Campy Record/Chorus/Daytona are all quite similar to each other, are built to the same kind of tight tolerances as King/Hugi, and are much less expensive albeit heavier. Almost a steal, in my opinion. My road wheels have Daytona hubs and I'm really impressed with the clean motion and tight engagement.
For road wheels I'd go 2x, but you're a bit heavier than I, and if you're expecting to do much sprinting you might prefer 3x on the back. I don't like the feel of radial, plus it's harder on the hub and most companies (excluding Chris King) won't warranty for that kind of lacing. On the other hand, plenty of people do it without having problems. I can't comment on rims as I have yet to destroy my Open Pro's, though Woof's observation about the clicking eyelets might explain a certain noise I've been hearing...
hmmm... I ask you this firstCyclorocket
Nov 1, 2001 3:47 PM
Forget Chris Kings C's : too pricy

Forget lithweight rims : you will need 32spokes and still need truing.

Get velocity Deep-V with 28/32 14 gauge spokes 2x/3x pattern on american classic hubs
Price around 400 and weight around 1800-1900g

Get Mavic Cosmic Elite, a bit aero and solid.

the problem with those (all we'v said) is that you won't do notin in races with a stupid 32 spoke wheel, you will have to eventually turn to 18/20 bladed spokes on medium profile rims (38mm +)

At equal output you and your 32 spoke wheelsets VS a cosmic carbones o Campa Eurus o zipps o eny high end wheelset. The rich guy will laugh at you will you will breath like a horse.

sorry for telling you that but that how I learned that cycling is a ¼ bike, ¼ mental, ½ physical.

There is 3 things you need to train.
one is very pricy...

The first you have to ask yourself : Do I RACE laughin at poor's that has 20lbs bikes with a 5k$ bike or do I want to have FUN kickin rich's asses with a 20lbs bike but iron legs !