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Can you recommend mail order wheel rebuilder?(7 posts)

Can you recommend mail order wheel rebuilder?aquaman
Oct 29, 2001 5:23 PM
I need to have wheels rebuilt, keeping my own Record hubs. Want brass nipples, double-butted stainless spokes, Open Pro rims. Am thinking about having Colorado Cyclist do the work. Any experience with wheels from Colorarado Cyclist, or can you recommend another builder? Thanks!
re: Can you recommend mail order wheel rebuilder?Luigi
Oct 30, 2001 6:16 AM
Go to Dave at Speed Dreams is a master wheel builder. I have had two sets built, 2 years ago, and have yet to true them.
Peter WhiteRusty McNasty
Oct 30, 2001 7:10 AM
re: Can you recommend mail order wheel rebuilder?brider
Oct 30, 2001 8:09 AM
How about YOURSELF? Get a truing stand, Jobst Brandt's book and hav at it. It's not rocket science. You already know what you want, any bike shop worth its salt will be able to compute the spoke length. Building your own will give you an understanding of the wheel and how to maintain it better. Just have an experienced builder look at your first one before riding it. I've built ALL the wheels I ride on (except the Specialized Tri-Spokes), road, track and MTB.
You make me wistfulTom C
Oct 30, 2001 10:29 AM
20 odd years ago I, like everyone else wanted super light tubular rims to swap off the "heavy" clinchers my Peugeot came with. Spying a small (about 1/4 page) column advertisement in Bicycling led me to phone in my credit card no. to Colorado Cyclist for a pair of Ambrosio 290 gram Crono Durex rims with 15 gauge DTs 32 hole on Campys finest for the then so so price, now unbelievable price of $109.00. Ad said all wheels handbuilt built by one R.D.Bruinsma. I got Clement Criterium Seta extras to glue on. The wait was excruciating but ahh, finally, what acceleration!, I was jumping like a track sprinter. Fast forward 500 mile later..whats this?, a handful of loose spokes must be causing this rubbing. Holy crap you can jiggle these around. Well if I didn't get killed with them this loose I've got to be able to do at least this well on my own. Books- Brandt,Wright etc. hey this is relaxing. I'd build these even if I didn't ride them. RIP Dear R.D.
re: Can you recommend mail order wheel rebuilder?novice
Oct 31, 2001 12:04 PM just email him. He does some really nice builds and doesn't charge a ton of money.
re: Can you recommend mail order wheel rebuilder?jason in nh
Nov 1, 2001 5:03 AM
yeah, go yo your lbs and have them build you up some. Just this week a guy came into my shop with wheels from CC and they were horrible. brand new, out of true and tension.