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Mavic Mektronic(12 posts)

Mavic MektronicDave B.
Oct 24, 2001 7:31 AM
rode a Mektronic set up for the first time yesterday. All was perfect until 7 miles from home. when I attempted to shift nothing happened and the gear size kept blinking on the computer and speed was frozen. but odometer; trip mileage; and clock was working. got home and did a battery diagnosis and all was fine. reset the computer; and all seems to be working fine on the rack.
anyone else have a similar experience; have suggestions?
How's your aim?TJeanloz
Oct 24, 2001 7:35 AM
The aim of the computer to the rear derailluer can be pretty finicky. Was the derailluer making that wierd (err, normal) clicking sound and not making the shift, or was the derailluer not making any noise at all (i.e. not recieving the signal?)
How's your aim?Dave B.
Oct 24, 2001 8:36 AM
Couldn't tell on the road. The gear size kept blinking, and the MPH was frozen. Once I got it home though and I reset the computer completely it operated again. although, sometimes on this stretch of road when I wear a heart monitor the monitor blanks out for a few hundred meters.
could there be enough electical interference to disrupt shifting as well?
It's possible...TJeanloz
Oct 24, 2001 10:22 AM
It is possible that there's electrical interference. I don't think it's likely though- the signal is sent on a well encoded frequency. It does sound like something boggled your computer; try a repeat performance through the same area.
re: Mavic Mektronicmuncher
Oct 24, 2001 7:39 AM
Dave - did you do a search on this? I asked a similar question a while back when I was looking at getting a bike with this on - got a bunch of useful replies, incluing from TJ. The general consensus was that poeple seemed to think either

a) they are great, but don't ride in the wet
b) they had always been trouble and were a bad idea esp in the wet.

Did you get it wet at all?
That's interesting,TJeanloz
Oct 24, 2001 7:41 AM
I made a special effort (at the request of Mavic) to destroy my Mektronic with water, ice and snow. I could not get it to give in, except that the batteries were not pleased with the cold. Everything worked pretty well, even soaked-through.
That's interesting,muncher
Oct 24, 2001 7:51 AM
Yours must have been one of the +ive reports, of which there were a few - but I decided to not get the bike (a Seco which was in a sale at around 40% off) on the basis that it was going to get wet a lot in the UK and hence was probably a bad bet. I think the shop must have had some problems for them to be discounted that much in the first place.

It surprised me, as I had supposed (and your reply confirms) that Mavic would have done some very thorough testing. There were some battery life probs mentioned too.

I think it was on the old board though, so I guess that's gone.
That's interesting,TJeanloz
Oct 24, 2001 10:26 AM
I wouldn't have given it a positive review. Mektronic isn't as bad as Zap was (the early 1990s Mektronic equivelent). But it's no Dura-Ace or Record. It falls in the category of cool bike stuff, but not really in the "things I want on my bike when I ride around the world" list.

In short, Mektronic is neat, it's a toy, it's not a great drivetrain- a little bit like Linux was when it came out. Neat, a toy, but crap as a reliable OS.
re: Mavic MektronicDave B.
Oct 24, 2001 8:30 AM
Nope, live is Sunny So. CA.
Lucky for some. In that case..muncher
Oct 24, 2001 8:56 AM
given what you said about your HRM, and the fact that it was OK when you re-set it, I would go with your interference theory - I would suppose that if there is enough to screw up your HRM, it would do the same for the Mek?
Lucky for some. In that case..Dave B.
Oct 24, 2001 11:52 AM
Just got back from a good MTB ride and found a message from Mavic Tech. rep Bill Douglas waiting for me. He states that satellite disks, cell phones and perhaps High Voltage wires does/can cause havoc with mektronic. he shared with me about a "jerk" who used to work at mavic and carried his cell phone everywhere with him. on group rides his cell phone would screw up Douglas's rear derailler; one of his teamates computer; but would do nothing to the individual who owned the cell phone. at anyrate, initialization can be done on the fly, however default will be khm; and you'll lose any other pertinent data; however you'll be able to shift. douglas also stated that if the interference is severe enough to blank a HRM then most likely it'll effect mektronic as well.
thanks for all who responded. yeah, I know mektronic is a toy--but so is the Concorde I just built up----I still have my campy equipped 20+ year old all 531 Astro-Daimler that has lived past Guerciotti's; David Moultons; Ciocc's; and even DeRosas.
re: Mavic Mektronicquadzilla1
Oct 24, 2001 2:37 PM
Funny, I've had the exact same thing happen and could not duplicate when riding in the same area. Once in a very great while it will blink a few times at the gear indicator, then shift. Yes, I was near high power lines, and that was my first thought. It's maybe done it to me three times in about a year. I never tried to re-set it. I've also had mine in rainstorms (not by choice), with no problem at all. All in all, I like the Mek as much as my Ultegra set-up. The shifts are VERY clean & crisp, even when going up hills, and you have to love the multiple shift points. Something else I did after the last time I had this problem, was to change the angle of the head unit. I believe Mavic suggests a 15 degree angle. Haven't had it happen since.