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Flightdeck Wireless setup on rear wheel(5 posts)

Flightdeck Wireless setup on rear wheeltribiker
Oct 23, 2001 9:18 AM
I am interested in installing a Flightdeck wireless computer. Could I place the magnet on the rear wheel and the pick up on the rear seat stay? I would like to use all features on an indoor trainer.

Thanks for all your inputs.
I don't think so,TJeanloz
Oct 23, 2001 9:31 AM
I don't have a whole lot of experience with the wireless flight deck- I've only installed 3 or so. But I'd say it's pretty doubtful that you could get it to work from the rear wheel. It's sort of hard to get it to work from the front wheel- and the signal doesn't seem to be very strong. You'd probably have better luck with a steel frame, but even then, I put your odds of success at 1:4.
re: or maybe 1:4MBryan
Oct 23, 2001 1:19 PM
The computer must be aligned above the wireless sensor. I don't think the tolerance even remotely approaches an applicaation like that.

You could mount the computer to your seat maybe :-)
Heh, heh.....grzy
Oct 23, 2001 2:36 PM
Then your wife would catch you looking at your own crotch all the time! ;-)
re: or maybe 1:4MTJeanloz
Oct 23, 2001 3:46 PM
I think you could try aiming the sensor back towards the handlebar from a seatstay, and maybe angle the computer a little bit. I'm not saying it will work, but if I had to try something, that's what I'd do.