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KsyriumSL-CampaEURUS-Shim7700-Clincher or tubular ?(14 posts)

KsyriumSL-CampaEURUS-Shim7700-Clincher or tubular ?Cyclorocket
Oct 21, 2001 11:34 AM
what wheelset should I get ?
Is Tub. really good?
The Facts :
1- I need to sprint(and win) with those;
2- I need to climb (fast) with those;
3- I need to do TT's (1st is my goal) with those;
4- I have a 1000$ to spare on this
5- I own Rolf Comp '01 (THE anti-sprint wheel)
6- I'm 140lbs (bike is around 20lbs)

Is it really usefull to pay 100$ Extra for Campagnolo Eurus to shave off 50g at the hub from the Campa scirroco

Yes, you CAN reply to this message and give me adviceSSSS.
Get sensibleKerry Irons
Oct 21, 2001 3:51 PM
You can do better with stock, light components and a normal wheel, for a lot less than $1K. You're asking for a wheel with good aerodynamics and light weight, often in conflict. The opportunity, particularly at your weight, is simply to go with low spoke count wheels. If you want absolutely the lightest wheels, you need to go with carbon fiber tubulars (Zipp). It is questionable whether this is appropriate, since you don't rider tubulars now and therefore would have to learn the whole tubular thing, plus you can have crosswind stability issues with such high profile rims. To spend $1K for wheels to improve your placings, one must assume that you are at the top of your sport, already placing very well in every event you enter and in a high category. Otherwise, better wheels will not make that much difference in your performance, as the performance improvement is very incremental. Plus, your bike (presumably a relatively small frame, given your weight) is relatively heavy by today's lightweight standards - my 4 year old 59 cm frame bike weights 1.5 lb less. Spending $1K on wheels may not be your best investment.
KsyriumSL - CampaEURUS - Shimano 7700 - Clincher or tubular ¿!)Cyclorocket
Oct 21, 2001 4:25 PM
My bike weights aprox. 19 +-.5 lbs on balance.
1-I'm a understrutible climbing machine, BUT i'm doing quite sh!ty on sprints, witch really piss me off. I'm not asking to be first out of every flatt course but just get more points... so what the best wheelset ¿
1- I need aero wheels to do TT
2- light rims to sprints (very hard to find the two in the same wheelset though...)
One more : Needs to be stiff so I can climb fast (see faster).

what was your point about tubular?¿...
KsyriumSL - CampaEURUS - Shimano 7700 - Clincher or tubular ¿!)CrazyMan
Oct 21, 2001 5:07 PM
For $1000 why not get 2 sets.
1 lightweight climbing set...nimbles, nucleons, amclassics...all around $400-500
1 for tts...campy shamal perhaps, or used carbones...around $500 from UK mail order places, or ebay.
That's what I'd do. getting one set (such as ksyriums) would only be a compromise.
Otherwise, if you're going to go with 1 set only, go with zipp 404s...light, aero, and backed by a solid company.
question about the EurusJohnG
Oct 21, 2001 5:08 PM
I've asked around but not gotten a firm price on these pups. Do you have vendor with a quoted price??

BTW: A good alternative to the Eurus wheelset would be the following:
American Classic micro front hub with 18 holes matched with Revos to a Velocity Deep V. Rear should be either the AC hub (for Shimano) or Campy Record in 28 hole ... Revos and Deep V. This wheelset will be as light and likely as aero as the Campy Eurus wheelset. The Deep V wheelset might not look as 'cool' as the chi-chi Campy stuff but it's a good alternative.... especially since you probably need to lighten up your bike to get really competative. I.e. a 20 lb race bike is quite heavy.

Sorry bud, but...Flava
Oct 22, 2001 7:05 AM
It ain't the wheels. I've done pretty well this season on Vector Comps (sprinting, climbing, and prologue TTs in omniums). I'm not bragging, but I've taken wins/podium spots in all of the disciplines you mention on these wheels. You may want to review your tactics and pack positioning. Look at all the pros using Cosmic Carbones (which weigh a ton) and are taking out sprint wins. More so, they tend to ride a standard hub/rim set up and take care of business. Save your money and become a stronger and more skilled racer. I don't mean that as an insult at all BTW. It's just after doing 40+ races so far, I've found this to be where most people's problems lie (I know it was like that for me).
Re:Sorry bud, but...Cyclorocket
Oct 22, 2001 7:30 AM
MOI-Mass theories tell me I can gain 2% in acceleration

(witch could be done by 1 month training, you are right, but Hey I'm not a pro like you, I race for the fun to race, I can't do 10 hours training/week).

One more : Musculation does boost acc. but increase weight too : I don't want to lose my climb skills (I haven't saw ONE person pass me in hills.)

Just asking what wheelset could inprove my sprint, without bitch!ing the aero.
here's how to win your sprintsjacques
Oct 23, 2001 1:18 AM
Try NOT to blow by everyone on a hill. If you're as good a climber as you say you are, use hills to conserve energy. That means staying in the front of pack, climbing easy and relaxed and letting others go for the KOM points.

Unless you're the next Merckx, you can't rule every hill AND the final sprint. Make a choice and go for it. Good luck.
Re:here's how to win your sprintsCyclorocket
Oct 23, 2001 4:11 AM
there is no problem doing hills and peraps win event...
The problem is long FLAT rides, if we don't give me hills (2miles+ for a 50mile event) I'm not getting enywhere I stay in the back of the pack and wait till I lose...not very funny...I went to LBS on sunday and tried a Open Pro-DA wheelset for half day (he charges me 50$ the a$$hole) : you were right ...not much difference. My 5miles TT was down to 36kph, sprints at the end of it was 51kph (lame)

Still hoping
Re:here's how to win your sprintsjacques
Oct 24, 2001 2:18 AM

I sense a mental problem here. Obviously you enjoy exploding out of a pack of rides and rocketing up a short hill or blasting them away in the sprint. You probably enjoy this so much that you do it over and over again.

But you probably find longer time trials pretty boring, so you avoid them like the plague. If that's true, there's your problem: you train your (exciting) strengths, but more or less ignore your (boring) weaknesses. To get comfortable at 28mph on the flats, time trial at your aerobic threshold for at least 20 minutes once a week. Boring and painful, I know.

My guess, based on your last post.
Re:here's how to win your sprintsCyclorocket
Oct 24, 2001 3:53 AM
did you study psycology?

ok I'll try to move for some long TT training
Re:here's how to win your sprintsjacques
Oct 24, 2001 2:35 PM

No psychology. But I recognized myself in you. I raced many years ago and always did well in sprints, loved and prayed for hills (come ooooon,hill!!!!), but suffered terribly during long, flat jams. I got better on the flats by riding solitary time trials in a big gear, but never really good at it. My best 40-km -time was 1:06 and some change - mediocre.

In 1988, a friend asked me to ride track with him. Guess what? I did much better there than on the road, and absolutely loved every minute of it.

Stopped racing when I turned 60.
HED Alps nmDog
Oct 25, 2001 12:25 PM
HED Alps nmCyclorocket
Oct 25, 2001 12:39 PM
I think HED alps are expensive: Zipp303 is the same with 150$ less.