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rolf vector pros and campy?(3 posts)

rolf vector pros and campy?jason in NH
Oct 21, 2001 4:05 AM
anyone know if rolf makes campy freehub bodies for the vector pros? I have looked in the dealer guide from both qbp and the trek book and no such luck, and now it appears that trek is no longer doing rolfs, just rolf design done by bontrager.
wheels manufacturing cassette will workdupe
Oct 21, 2001 6:32 AM
its nice to be able to swap my rolf wheels from a campy bike to a shimano bike.

and as i am severly trying to clear out my bike inventory you may tempt me.........
re: rolf vector pros and campy?peloton
Oct 21, 2001 8:20 AM
Rolf does make a Campy freehub body for their Vector Pro wheel only. I used to have a set. The thing is though, on the VP's you can't switch the Shimano freehub to a Campy freehub or visa versa. The axle inside the hub is a very different size for both freehubs. Because of the different internal axle size, the hubs are proprietary to one brand or the other with no possibility of converting the hub for usage with the other brand of componentry. So basically, if you have a Shimano freehub on your VP's you are stuck using Shimano, and if you have Campy you are stuck with that as well. So to answer your question, the Campy hubs are availible, but you can't retrofit onto a Shimano VP without replacing the entire rear wheel.

The only way that you could get a Campy cassette to work on the Shimano hub would be to purchase a Wheels Manufacturing or other brand convesion cassette. These cassettes allow a cassette with one brand's spacing and design to be used on the other companies freehub spline pattern. The negative about these cassettes is that they are expensive and sometimes hard to find.

BTW- Trek and Rolf have gone sererate ways at this point in time. Rolf is supposed to be regearing to re-enter the market on their own in the future.