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Dura Ace 180mm Cranks(3 posts)

Dura Ace 180mm CranksBill RHIT
Oct 20, 2001 3:48 PM

I am a tall rider, 6'6". My question is, do you think it would help me to upgrade to 1800 mm cranks. I am currently riding 175s. Thanks for the opinions.

- Bill -
re: Dura Ace 180mm CranksPeter
Oct 21, 2001 7:45 AM
Do you find that you are overpowering the 175? Being a big-gear masher is not always the best route. If you are maintaining a 80-100rpm cadence on big front crank and small cog in back without effort, then perhaps moving into a larger crank would be the route. I too am 6'4 with powerful quads/hams, and I mash just fine on a 175...I prefer though spinning really fast...saves lots of energy in the long hauls. Ask others here though...I'm no expert.
re: Dura Ace 180mm CranksBrit Racer
Oct 22, 2001 1:28 AM
I'm 6'5" and use 180mm cranks.

When I swapped from my 'standard' 170 cranks to 180 cranks, I immediately felt better on the bike - I suddenly felt much more able to keep consistent power delivery rather than 'treading water' as I felt previously.

My main (competitive) sport is rowing, in which leg angles are much more comptessed than cycling so I think that may be party why I found the extra crank length so good (I was suddenly 1mph faster on every ride I did) but other tall riders I know also use long cranks with similar results.

Admittedly with longer cranks, there can be the temptation to mash almong in big gears but equally if you're concious of that, it's easy enough to make sure that you keep spinning - I've found that I spin gears more than most people with shorter cranks.

I'd personally say go for it - I'd be very suprised if, at your height, you didn't find an improvement - afterall, no-one suggests that everyone should ride with their saddle at the same height so why should crank length be different?

ps check out - lots of info on crank lengths.