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Carbon Forks?!(4 posts)

Carbon Forks?!mapman
Oct 19, 2001 9:29 AM
It's time to replace my old steel fork with a carbon one. I crashed and its toast. Looking for opinions on which fork to buy. I'll probably go with a metal steerer. The LBS recommends it over carbon steerer on larger frames (I'm on a 58 w/ 59 tt). I'm leaning toward the Time Millenium. Reynolds, Profile and Alpha are also in consideration. Have I overlooked any?
re: Carbon Forks?!grzy
Oct 19, 2001 10:35 AM
No reason why you couldn't do just fine with a quality all carbon fork. The thing about a longer steerer not being as strong is mostly a bike shop myth from the semi-educated. Consider for a moment what the difference is between a long vs. short steerer. The applied moment from the front wheel cornering and braking under heavy loads doesn't change with the length of the steerer - only the length of the fork blades - which doesn't change. Next someone will counter that it's not as stiff axialy which is true - however, when one considers the very low axial loads you realize it's a non-issue. Then someone will say hey I'm a 200 lbs guy on a 58/59 cm frame - well there isn't a shortage of 200 lbs. gus on 54 cm frames - maybe not as common but not unusual. Finally realize that the designers of a given fork are very concerned about durabiltiy and liability. they're going to be looking at a recall and/or law suits if they don't get it right. I'd advise something like the Reynolds Ouzo Pro - a very solid design, but it isn't *the* lightest one out there. I think they've done their homework. In the world of composites you want to go with the folks that know what they're doing. Your real choice is threaded vs. threadless.

Ultimately you'll be shocked at the difference if you go to a threadless all carbon design - both in terms of weight and handling.

I've crashed a couple times on my Ouzo and it's fine. I've seen failed Wound-Up forks.
re: Carbon Forks?!Birddog
Oct 19, 2001 7:29 PM
I have a setup similar to grzy's and I concur. Love my all carbon Ouzo!
re: Carbon Forks?!koala
Oct 20, 2001 5:18 AM
Gotta concur wiyh the ouzo. I asked the builder about 1in vs. 1and1/8. he said go with the bigger head tube for all carbon at my weight(178). Excellent damping, handling and its light. I gotta say its the way to go.