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HELP! Rebuilding Road Bike(4 posts)

HELP! Rebuilding Road BikeLimaxMaximus
Oct 15, 2001 9:26 PM
I am an L.A. area road biker who wrecked his semi-custom Holland 653 a few years ago (All accidents are caused by visibility problems. You can't see where you are going if you are riding with your head up your ass!) and is just now re-assembling it after having the frame restored and repainted, mostly by the guys who built and painted it. (Bill Holland only works in titanium now, but Joe Bell still does dynamite paint work -- All the Rivendells, 4 instance.)

The problem is that I let Joe talk me into spreading the dropouts to 130mm and deleting the down-tube shifter bosses, replacing them with head tube bosses for brake lever/shifters.

So I bought a new wheelset (I loaned the set I built to my brother, and they are now in Tacoma) to fit the new dropout spacing, which means I need a 9-speed cassette freewheel, which means I need a new rear derailleur, right?

Also I need shifter/brake levers.

Okay, after that long-winded intro, will my old Campy Chorus crank and Nuovo Record front derailleur work with the Shimano shifters and rear derailleur?

Apart from the expense of buying a new Shimano front derailleur, I suspect it would have trouble fitting on the brazed-on Campy hanger!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Not suremuncher
Oct 16, 2001 1:34 AM
..that you will need a new rear derail itself - how many speeds were you running before? You will need new shifters though of course.

I have seen people running Campy crank etc with Shim shifters, though haven't done it myself.

Very nice frame though - worth a little experimentation/$ to get it right.
re: HELP! Rebuilding Road Bikecyclequip
Oct 16, 2001 4:42 AM
What wheelset - Campy or Shimano?
9- speed ideally requires both derailleurs, chain, shifters, inside chainring (if Shimano) and cassette. With Shimano you can also run 8-spd on the same setup (depends on wheelset). Cranks will work but you won't get a 39 inside chainring for older Campy stuff. The cranks will work if you get the right length BB. The Shimano/Campy braze-on front hanger is common.
You can get good deals on upgrade kits - shop around.
re: HELP! Rebuilding Road Bikebrider
Oct 18, 2001 1:41 PM
You shouldn't have trouble fitting a Shimano braze-on front derailleur to the hangar -- I think they're standard. However, you may have trouble with the chain dropping between the chairings. The newer cranks put the chainrings closer together to accomodate the narrower chain required by 9 and 10 speed drivetrains. Might as well bite the bullet and switch over completely. How about the Campy 9-speed stuff?