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Can I put a triple crank on in place of a double?(2 posts)

Can I put a triple crank on in place of a double?Jihv MaBone
Oct 15, 2001 7:01 AM
I've got an Olmo road bike that I want to put a triple crank on. It was built around '88 or '90 and has down tube shifters. When I replaced the bottom bracket two years ago the only one that would fit (was wide enough) was a Campy Athena Triple. Even with that I had to slightly offset it towards the crank for the chainrings to clear the frame. The current crank is a Galli (42-52).

Will I be able to put a Campy Racing Triple (30-40-50) on and still clear the rear frame? Or, are there some measurments I could take to find out?
Probablynee Spoke Wrench
Oct 15, 2001 4:53 PM
Bottom brackets come in a variety of spindle lengths. If everything else is equal, the bottom bracket spindle length will be determined by the crankset.

Assuming you have a 68mm bottom bracket shell and nothing about your frame is too strange, a Campy triple will require a 68 X 111 bottom bracket.

Quality Bike Products recommends using a 68 X 115 bottom bracket with frames that require a 32.0 or 35.0 front derailleur clamp.

Good luck