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Cannondale Hollowgram set problem(12 posts)

Cannondale Hollowgram set problem540nova
Oct 14, 2001 2:41 PM
Has anyone had this problem? I have an R4000si. For some reason, under full, standing power (as in sprinting), the chain derails onto the outside.
There is no chain rub on the front derailleur, but the whole set seems to have about a 1 or 2mm wobble. I had the dealer replace the set, and the chainrings have been replaced twice, which helped a little. I suspect either the chainrings are somehow not designed properly, (refering to the ramps) or the BB shell is not square to the frame. The axle may also be out of true. What's strange is the wobble doesn't seem to be enough to cause this.
This last incident, Oct 12 2001, I was sprinting on a slight downhill, firmly in the big ring, when the chain just derailed to the outside, sending me off balance, and crashing to the road. I now have a broken pelvis, and a good amount of road rash.
The dealer is ordering me a new frame, new set, on which he'll install Dura-Ace rings, instead of the Cannondale rings, a new saddle, a new rear derailleur, and a new helmet, all at his cost (or Cannondale's).
It's my understanding that Cannondale has 4 versions of the Hollowgram set, (or possibly just the rings), the first with no marking, the 2nd thru 4th being stamped with MK 1, 2, or 3. Why would they have to make so many running changes?
re: Cannondale Hollowgram set problemjacques
Oct 14, 2001 2:55 PM
Early titanium BB spindles would flex excessively under sprinting loads and make the chainwheel run out of true quite a bit during sprinting. I don't know if you have a titanium BB spindle, so this is just a guess. I also thought modern titanium BB spindles are much better than those light, but very bendable late 1970s prototypes.
Sorry about the crash....nestorl
Oct 14, 2001 4:06 PM
I suspect you will not have that problem again after the lbs puts the bike together. What you mention sounds like an adjustment problem not with the front but with the REAR derailleur. If it is off by more than 2mm it will make the chain come off during stress. You have to check the low gear adjustment of the Rear Der. when the chain is in the smallest cog and big chainring. I suspect that since everything will be installed again, you will never see this problem.

The 2mm wobble is suspicious and should not be there. Although CODA is not known for good quality stuff. You will love the dura ace, although I would get the bb and the entire cranks too.

Hope you get better soon. nl
re: Cannondale Hollowgram set problemB1
Oct 15, 2001 2:55 PM
I have a CAAD6 that of course comes with the Hollowgram crankset. I consider myself a sprinter and I have not had any problems with the crankset or rings. BTW, I weight 170lbs and have 2000 miles on the bike.
re: Cannondale Hollowgram set problemmorey
Oct 16, 2001 3:26 AM
I have the r4000si CAAD6 bike, no problem at all. Have had this bike approximately 1 year, 2000 miles. I am 5'10" 200 lbs. Consider myself a sprinter.
re: Cannondale Hollowgram set problemmarkwb
Oct 17, 2001 3:13 AM
Well after reading all the replies to your post, it's pretty obvious that some of these people don't know what they are talking about. The CADD 6 can only use the CODA Hollowgram crank and bottom bracket. Also this Coda set up is very light and stiff, it was independently tested to be stronger then both Dura ace and Campy record. Be carefull who you take advice from. Without seeing your bike, here are your 3 possible causes: First - rear deraileur out of adjustment ; Second - frame out of alinement; Third - a problem with the bottom bracket and or BB shell. I'm betting you had a combination of the 2nd and 3rd. Good luck, Get well and we'll see you on the road.
re: Cannondale Hollowgram set problem540nova
Oct 17, 2001 8:14 AM
I'm glad to see there is at least one other person who goes on this message board who knows anything about bikes...your sentiments mirror mine exactly. Such a collection of wannabe-experts. At any rate, I agree with your assesment, except the rear der.; I was in the middle gears, with no chain noise when this happened. Cannondale is now sending me a brand new frame, crank (with Shimano Dura-Ace rings installed, instead of theirs)and replacement rear der., saddle, and helmet, which got munched, in addition to a cash settlement, to compensate me for lost work! Great Company! Thanks for your input.
re: Cannondale Hollowgram set problemmarkwb
Oct 18, 2001 3:38 AM
Thank-you. You're right, there are a lot of wannabes on this board. You will also find there is a lot of C'dale and alummiun bashers here also. I take issue with people that make blanket statements when they clearly haven't got a clue. I agree with you C'dale is a great company, even the best company builds a bad one, once in a while. The messure of the company comes in how they own up to there mistake. I currently have a CADD 4 with Ksyriums, Dura Ace, Thompson post, Easton carbon bars, and CODA Magic 900 road cranks. What a ride!
re: Cannondale Hollowgram set problem540nova
Oct 18, 2001 8:49 AM
Cool. As an example of what we're saying, look at the discussion group "general", at the guy asking about Cannondale cranksets. The one response marked "huh?". Where the guy dogs out the hollowgram crankset as a money saving idea. My response is below his. By the way, Cannondale is getting me a complete new bike (R4000si), helmet, carbon saddle(Evolution 3), and $ for lost time at work. I can't complain!
re: Cannondale Hollowgram set problemmorey
Oct 18, 2001 10:24 AM
I have a 2001 Cannondale R4000si, I have almost 1000 miles.
This has been one heck of a sweet ride. I have not had one problem with the crank.
Oct 18, 2001 11:55 AM
That would be me, GRZY. The only reason why I "dog out" C'dale is based on my previous experiences over several warranty issues with them. Eventually they take pitty on you and do something. For them to compensate you to this degree means that they are accepting some level of responsibility and don't want to get sued. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together would realize that maybe their stuff isn't flawless. Ultimately why would they make their own crankset? Same reason the larger bike companies make their own stuff - they're trying to keep the cost down. It's not b/c the Campy/Shimano stuff is crap - C'dale just doesn't want to pay the price. Apparently they cut one too many corners on your ride and feel sorry and resposible. What makes you think you're not going to have the same exact problem again? BTW - been riding and racing C'dale MTBs for almost ten years and currently ride a Jekyll. I've also put together my share of C'dale road frames (CAAD 4 is my latest) only my buddies don't crash and burn - we use Shimano guts. Maybe it's just operator error? the only thing that is significanlty different on your bike vs. say a CAAD4 is the crank and Integrated headset (made by Campy).

Talk to any shop that used to be a C'dale dealer and ask them what it's like dealing with them. Bottom line is they make pretty good bikes, so-so components, but are a pain to deal with. In the last year or two they've changed their tune and have tried to be a better organization. They pretty much are the 400 lbs. gorilla in the bike industry once you get away from Kmart and Huffy.
Oct 18, 2001 9:25 AM
Aren't you the same bozo who just took me to task saying that a German mag said this was the best crank in the whole wide world? How could there *possibly* be ANY problem with such a beautiful and well tested stiff and light design for the wizards at C'dale. The reason why they make so many running changes is b/c the design isn't everything it's cracked up to be. But hey that's just my opinion - my only "experience" is 10 years of C'dale crap. Lots of luck getting a nickel out of C'dale.

I betcha have a few demons to deal with when you get back on your beloved Hollowgram crank.

You're a dope and a horses ass - heal well.