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Brooks Saddles(5 posts)

Brooks Saddlesmorey
Oct 12, 2001 10:03 AM
Has anyone experience with these saddles. I hear they are great, but heavy. Are they worth considering over Fizik Poggio for instance. I hear they have a titanium railed saddle?
re: Brooks Saddlesmackgoo
Oct 12, 2001 12:41 PM
Can't comment on the saddle you want to compare to. I have a Brooks and it is the most comfortable saddle I've ever sat on. Check out
Check the Archivesgrzy
Oct 12, 2001 1:53 PM
We beat the crap out of this issue repeatedly (and with a big stick) about three weeks ago. There were several threads. Seems to me that most people that ran them were huge fans and that the weight was a small price to pay for something that fit them so well.
Butts are all different, but I love my BrooksRetro
Oct 14, 2001 8:56 AM
I had two, and bought a spare when it looked like Brooks might go out of business a few months ago. If I have a choice, I'll never ride anything else--even my Body Geo and Terry Liberator went to the Salvation Army after I got the B-17.
Let me tell you a storyKerry Irons
Oct 14, 2001 5:05 PM
I had two riding buddies, one with a Brooks and one with a standard plastic racing saddle. They got to talking about how they both did not like their saddles, so they switched. Both went away happy as clams. There was nothing wrong with either saddle, just that they didn't fit those guys. Saddle choice is way to personal to take someone else's advice about how much they like theirs. I like my Flite Ti, but that doesn't mean you'd like it. Likewise it's predecessor Cinelli. People who have Brooks saddles often got there by not liking other saddles. The fact that they like their Brooks' doesn't tell you anything about what you might like.