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I just had a marketing epiphany... saddle orthotics!(6 posts)

I just had a marketing epiphany... saddle orthotics!tirider
Oct 10, 2001 10:43 PM
Picture this: A standardized rail system attached to a modular top, snap fit to custom butt orthotics layered underneath padding and leather. Foam fitting kits once mailed out to customers and returned facilitate the fabrication of the perfect saddle. For a slight upcharge I would be willing to hand fit saddles for those of the feminine persuasion. No more subjective debates about which saddle is the best with the ubiquitous Brooks lovers hogging up the forum. The brand name perhaps could be MY ASS SADDLES. So what do you think? I'm going to bed now.
here's a few ideas for names:Rusty McNasty
Oct 11, 2001 5:31 AM
Derry-Air saddles
KMA (kiss my @$$) saddles
Techno-Butt saddles
the Butt Cradle
and many more to follow!!!
Another name: Nothing Butt the Truth (nm)Zeke Twerpy
Oct 11, 2001 8:39 AM
Oct 11, 2001 8:48 AM
Hey, Spenco already makes this big fat gel thing integrated with a saddle cover. It's hilarious and can usually be found on a non-serious bike belonging to a large humanoid. Just fondling the thing should be considered obscene and indecent behavior! ;-)
Oct 11, 2001 10:05 AM
Performance also makes tights with gel. They are just fun to wear around. However, they do nothing while riding. They look pretty obscene while wearing them.
Not sure that idea's all it's "cracked" up to be..nmmuncher
Oct 11, 2001 9:49 AM