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Detailed Ergopower rebuilding question(1 post)

Detailed Ergopower rebuilding questionPINA
Oct 10, 2001 7:42 AM
This is my question (I first wanted to know if there were others who did it):
I have both the Campagnolo drawing of the Ergopower and the official Campa video with instructions, BUT...
the problem is that in the video, they show a small gold coloured ring that fits exactly in the cam's bottom part (EC-AT061 Record model), but in my Daytona Ergopower there is no gold coloured ring and of course I got the rings mixed up. I rebuilt the EP with a small ring in the cam. This one seems to be smaller then the one in the video, but there is no wider ring in my EP.

Did you experience the same thing? Do you remember if this part fit exactly into the cam?

Is there a way to tell which ring is which if you happen to mix them up? The drawings are not to scale and I can not tell from any drawing I know which is which.

Thanks in advance!