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How do I remove the free-hub body ...(3 posts)

How do I remove the free-hub body ...cyclinseth
Oct 9, 2001 2:40 PM
from an 8-speed DA rear hub? For that matter, a 10 year old 7-speed 105 hub? Do I need special tools? I consider myself a fairly competent mechanic. I overhaul the hubs once a year and do most other work as well.

The reason is that my drivetrain keeps skipping and every shop I've been to says that its either the chain or the cassette. NO IT'S NOT. I know what that feels like and it's not it. Plus, I've replaced both items enough times to remedy such a problem. So I'd like to take a look inside there.

Thanks for all your help.
re: How do I remove the free-hub body ...cyclequip
Oct 10, 2001 5:39 AM
I'm unsure about the 7-spd 105, but the 8-spd DA does require a special splined tool, accessible once the bearings have been removed on the drive side. It's held on with a hollow allen-type bolt.
re: How do I remove the free-hub body ...nee Spoke Wrench
Oct 10, 2001 5:44 AM
105 takes a 10mm allen wrench. Stick the allen wrench in the space left when you took out the axle. They're generally pretty tight so don't be afraid to use some force. It's a standard right hand thread.