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Oct 9, 2001 12:04 PM
I have been looking at a variety of wheels lately and plan on eventually purchasing some. I want to know what some of you think about the wheels I am considering
(ie. weight,durability, is one "faster" than the other ect.)
I posted a topic about a week ago to get some opinions on hubs because I have also codsidered building some wheels. I would also like to get more opinions on that too. The wheels I have looked at are Mavic Cosmic Elite, Spinergy SR3, Campy Proton, and Some Rolf Wheels. These all fall into my price range. I really appreciate the help

Thanks in Advance,
re: 1 guy's experiencedzrider
Oct 10, 2001 6:27 AM
I recently bought a bike and got Campy Electron wheels. I have approximately 1200 miles on them without any problems. This is not, in mho, an adequate test to determine durability but the the wheel has stayed true and round and the hubs have needed no adjustment. They definitely accelerate faster than my old wheels which are Mavic MA40's on American Classic hubs. I notice the difference most often getting up to speed after topping a hill. I like that difference.

That being said, build a set of wheels for yourself. The work is satisfying and peaceful and the results can last you many years. It also adds to your understanding and appreciation of what I call the cycling miracle that a machine that can't stand by itself stays balanced on hoops and wires with me on it.
Oct 10, 2001 6:31 AM
I have ridden only one of these - Cosmic Elites. Can not complain an ounce - I'm 210 - they have stayed true, ride nicely, and are a nice mix of profile and smoothness. That said, I can't say that they are any better than my Open Pros on Record. They are good value though, especially if you want something a little out of the ordinary.