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light climbing tubular wheelset??(16 posts)

light climbing tubular wheelset??flying
Oct 8, 2001 10:30 PM
I'm thinking of some light reliable tubular wheels for climbing. Without going into too much detail of tub vs clincher. I have always used tubulars & probably always will. I have long climbs 0 to 7000' available followed by very fast descents.

Any thoughts for a lightweight wheelset that uses Campy 10s?
1350gr or less
I had considered Zipp 303's but wonder how they stand up to steady use.
I had also considered some NOS MAvic GEL 280's rims with light hubs. I am not so worried about aero vs non-aero since my main focus is climbing & reliability.
Any ideas?

I'd go with the 303's my friend.Bikeman
Oct 8, 2001 11:13 PM
Well I'm asuuming that you're a climber, because you said that you weren't concerned with aero (even though you're gonna descend a 7000ft mountain). Having said that, you probably don't weigh all that much, in which case reliability isn't going to be all that much of a problem.

Longevity is a different story. I don't know how those CF rims will stand up to heavy braking.

I'm going with the ZIPP's myself; they're just so much cheaper than the other carbon rimmed alternatives (LEW & Rolf). Plus it seems that ZIPP have the same unidirectional fiber technology that LEW has. And how much more are a set of LEWs? I already have the tubular campy10 version on order (Nope I don't have them yet, so I don't speak from experience).

Just thought I had to reply to a post after posting two myself! Thats only fair.
I'd go with the 303's my friend.flying
Oct 8, 2001 11:39 PM
Thanks Bikeman,
Yeah descents are fast. The only reason I said aero wasn't critical is because I don't compete anymore. I guess im light to average weight at 148lbs.
I wonder about the braking & longevity too though.
I have just heard about Lews but have not looked into them yet.
I do see some great deals on Zipp303's on ebay for 700ish.

The weight of the 303 rims is 280 which made me wonder about buying some Mavic GEL 280's & Zipp hubs? That would be roughly the same in weight as the 303 set but not have to worry about carbon braking surfaces.

Thanks for the reply I will take a look at LEWs too.
Also consider HED stinger's - they should be less than 1350gm.Bikeman
Oct 9, 2001 12:40 AM
I wanted the exact same thing as you, except I wanted a 650c wheel, not a 700c. So I found it very difficult, as you can imagine, to find it in a tubular as well.
I don't think Rolf even bothers with making a 650c campy wheel. And the thought of spending more on a set of LEW Sydney's than my frame? Forget it. I'm not Lance Armstrong. I don't think its worth that much. I just read somewhere that, 303's are actually lighter than Sydney's but cost almost one third!! I don't know how true that is, cause I'm living in Australia, where the costs are different.

What about those ZIPP 303 special edition wheelset at Interbike???
$3k & 950grams!! Shit thats light.

Don't forget also that ZIPP coats their 303 carbon rims with a silica ceramic.
Stingers-no moregimondi
Oct 13, 2001 1:32 PM
Talked to Hed at interbike and he is giving up on stingers because he can't really make them, the Alps is made in Spain, and he has pretty much stopped manufacturing anything, he is just selling assemblies. Even more impressive than the 950gm. wheelset at Zipp and those beautiful hubs were the 303 clincher wheels. 1360gms for the pair, 40mm deep, and as the guy told me, people do stuff with clinchers they would never think of on tubulars so the rims are overbuilt two to three times over its tubular counterpart which now only weighs 1130 grams. you could take the unbuilt rim in the booth and literally jump on it with all your weight and it would not even give, the one guy was even using an unbuilt 280 rim as a chair
Oct 9, 2001 1:17 AM
Perhaps you might want to wait for Campy's new wheels to arrive in the stores. They showed them at the Milano Interbike. Weight claimed was something around 1,350gr for the pair. Again, carbon rims.

As for the GEL280's, my feeling is that it depends how much you weight and the spoke count in the back. You may want to run a GL 330 in the back and GEL 280 up front. I've run a Super Champion Medaille d'Or, 32 spoke up front for years without probems and the rim's 260gr. However at 60kg, you wouldn't expect any problems. I've also run these rims in the back but haven't built one with the dish needed for 130mm spacing. If I did, I might go with a 36 spoker and 15/16 spokes. These rims are not unlike the GEL280's but without the anodizing. I've also cycletoured on them with panniers without problem, but again, 36 spokes and in this case, dish for 120mm axles. In any case, if you've got the GEL 280's, why not build them up as it's cheaper than anything suggested so far. If you use Revo's up front, 14/15 in the rear with alloy nipples, you're getting down into the 1,400gr area.

BTW Ed Zimmerman's site, he's a tub advocate, has been updated is worth a read.

Oct 9, 2001 7:39 AM
Thanks for the link it is a great site.
I actually had a set of Fiamme red labels years ago & yes they were very light.
One question what did you mean by *Revo's*?
Did you mean revolution spokes?
Oct 10, 2001 3:16 AM
Sorry about the abbreviation. Yes, Revolutions. Another spoke to look at if you can find them is the Sapim Laser, a light spoke which is ovalised but you don't have to drill your hubs in the build.
re: light climbing tubular wheelset??Charlie- empire cycles
Oct 9, 2001 4:54 PM
The Zipp 303's are the way to go. I am a 135lb climber in Colorado and these are the best wheels I have ever ridden. I bought my first set of 404's six years ago and then this year I bought a set of 303 tubulars. I have never had problems with the braking surface, although I do reccommend a harder brake pad than what typically comes on brakes. I am a Zipp dealer so if you decide you want a brand new pair let me know, they sell for $775 a set with warranty. Also, check out, thanks.
re: light climbing tubular wheelset??flying
Oct 9, 2001 5:31 PM
Thanks Charlie good to hear your 1st hand experiences.
So do you use these as regulars or just racing?
$775 is a good price too. I had seen them for 750 on ebay & thought that was good. But for 25 more I would feel safer with a dealer.

re: light climbing tubular wheelset??Charlie- empire cycles
Oct 10, 2001 7:46 PM
I only use them for racing but only because I don't blowing through tubulars! I would feel plenty confident on them everyday.
How about 1085g??Big Chubby
Oct 9, 2001 6:18 PM
I have a set of American Classic hubs with Zipp Rims that weigh 1085g that have less than 200 miles on them. If you are interested let me know they are Shimano.
How about 1085g??flying
Oct 9, 2001 8:06 PM
Hey how does a guy named "big chubby"
have a set of 1085gr wheels? ;-)
sorry couldnt resist ;-)

Sounds interesting but I run campy 10 speed.
Is it possible to convert the hub?

How big is Big Chubby?Big Chubby
Oct 10, 2001 7:49 AM
Well its a nickname that i got in High School nothing to do with body size but a body part. I am 5ft 9 in and weigh in at an impressive 155lbs. I have two sets of the 1085g Wheels one with black hubs and one with silver. I am selling the Black ones.
How big is Big Chubby?flying
Oct 10, 2001 9:56 AM
Yes I wanted to email you but couldn't see a way to do so.
Is it a tubular wheel set?
What is the casette compat with?
Will Campy 10sp work on it?
you can use an "adapter" cassette nmJohnG
Oct 14, 2001 2:59 PM