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is an aluminium frame suitable for winter riding???.(4 posts)

is an aluminium frame suitable for winter riding???.dupe
Oct 8, 2001 8:08 PM
having never ridden during a winter in a cold climate (from oz ;-)) i am not sure whether to build up an alu frame for the winter.

i normally ride steel but have read some comments reflecting the ability of alu to corrode when exposed to moisture and salted roads.

assuming i wash, clean and dry after rides am i risking losing my frame. i normally ride steel but my steel frame is getting a bit too precious to risk.

i live in nyc and dont plan to ride below 35 degrees. definately not in snow or rain but i would like to experience chilly riding in fair weather. i know that some of the roads heading out of town are salted but am not sure of the city streets.

any opinions would be appreciated.

ciao, ben
Just don't put your tounge on it!grzy
Oct 9, 2001 8:55 AM
Like back in grammer school days when it went below freezing..... ;-)

Ultimately they're all fine. The aluminum forms a surface layer of oxidation then pretty much slows down on further corrosion UNLESS it's in contact with other metals and no precautions are taking to prevent the galvanic reaction. Anodizing, zinc chromate, and Alumelastic are all used around the marine world to protect the alumunim from things like stainless steel. The salt environement really speeds up the reaction. Check out the Frame Saver product and see if it's advised for protecting the insides of aluminum frames as well as steel. From personal experience it takes a long long time to corrode a frame and it usually shows up on the out side as well. I've had my 25 year old steel Motobecane half way around the worlD (Diego Garcia. B.I.O.T.), in the tropics and there's some rusting on the chrome fork and bare metal. Personally I think it's non-issue.
thanks Mr. Grzydupe
Oct 9, 2001 10:56 AM
Tongued mine - now crumpled!Crankist
Oct 15, 2001 9:48 AM

(great line grzy!)