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Conti GP 3000- Which Direction for treads???(7 posts)

Conti GP 3000- Which Direction for treads???TJohn
Oct 6, 2001 11:13 PM
I have been running these tires on my new wheelset and they are great. I like em better than the Michelin Axial Pros that are on my other set of wheels. But I am not sure if there is a specific direction that the tread should face. The instructions did not mention tread direction and it is also NOT on the tire itself (like many tires have.) Bikeshops have them on either way. So, which way is the right way?? My guess is (and it is the way I have them) is that the little lines that go from the side to the top of the tread should face forward. That way when the center of the tire hits some water, it can push it through the small channels and out the side a la Goodyear Aquatreads. Let me know what ya thinks. Thanks.
It makes no difference...tirider
Oct 7, 2001 9:48 AM
... that's what I've been told. I match the chevrons facing forward on both tires merely for aesthetics so my world stays an ordered and consistent place. I too prefer the Conti 3000s over Axial Pros. To me the Axials felt lifeless and wooden and displayed an alarming tendency to slide in inclement conditions as we often have in the Northwest. I've found the 3000s to best replicate a decent Tubular.
re: Conti GP 3000- Which Direction for treads???Rolf Sindoe
Oct 7, 2001 10:50 AM
I agree w. tirider. I sometimes mess up things. More than once have I in pure distraction turned the tire 180", but I've never been able to feel any difference in the ride afterwards. My guess is that the thread is of minor importance (technically, that is when the wheel is actually rolling on asphalt) and that the direction of thread is therefore primarily a matter of (cosmetic) taste. It's common sense, but it does look "correct" when the tire is fitted w. the thread pointing backwards, like on a car tire. Finally - like you - I'm very happy w. Conti. GP3000: Lots of kilometers in these lubbers, and what a nice ride they give.
re: Conti GP 3000- Which Direction for treads???Jofa
Oct 7, 2001 1:14 PM
As the others said, there's no mechanical or 'performance-related" reason to favour one direction over the other. The convention, however, is to position them so that the label is next to the valve, on the right hand side. The primary reason for this is neatness... the secondary one is that it may make it easier to identify the cause of punctures, if you took the tyre off in a hurry.

Only one problemKerry Irons
Oct 7, 2001 5:04 PM
The GP 3000 has labels on both sides (one side has the size, the other side is an ad for "Advanced Silica Technology"). Labels are the same size and color. So, you can mount them either way! If anyone claims they can feel the difference in handling in any modern, lightweight, road tire (most of which are slicks anyway) by virtue of rotation direction, then I have BOTH a bridge and some real estate to sell them.
re: Conti GP 3000- Which Direction for treads???KStone
Oct 7, 2001 1:22 PM
Tire direction never made any dif. to me. I always mount road tires with the label at the valve hole on the drive side. This will help locate the cause of a flat. When the hole is located in the tube, the corresponding area of the tire can be inspected for the pucture source.
Whatever makes a nicer picture..Jay
Oct 7, 2001 2:30 PM
Since most people photograph their bike on the driveside, it might look better to some to have the labels of the Gp3000 on the drive side, but other than that, there's no functional difference....