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Polar customer for life(3 posts)

Polar customer for lifeDuane Gran
Oct 4, 2001 3:06 PM
I just wanted to share some positive news. I recently purchased a Polar S-710 HRM. It is very slick and shows great promise as a training aid. Unfortunately, my unit stopped working.

On Tuesday I sent it to Polar's service center in NY with next day shipping. To my surprise they called today telling me that they are sending a new unit via Fed Ex and I should have it tomorrow. Wow!

I have never seen such prompt warranty service in my life. They really impressed me and I'm sure I'll keep doing business with them. They aren't perfect, and I find their integrated battery system on the transmitter belt annoying, but this situation has redeemed them in my eyes.

Incidentally, speaking of the S-710, you all might get a kick out of page I put together detailing my favorite climb in the mid-atlantic:
re: Polar customer for lifegrzy
Oct 4, 2001 3:59 PM
Yeah, they seem to be making an effort to getting their act together. So far my S710 has been trouble free. Guess I'll send the warranty card in just to be safe. Althea called my just to see if I received the unit and how it was working out. Nice.

Been starting to collect my data for analysis also. It doesn't look like you're running cadence yet. I'm looking at getting another speed sensor, bar mount and cadence sensor for the road bike so i can be setup on either bikes withe a push of the button. Currently I've got it set up on the MTB since that's what I've been riding lately. I really like ebing able to correlate the speed and altitude with the HR. It gives you a much better picture of what is going on.
Wow, cool features. . .js5280
Oct 5, 2001 2:15 PM
Damn, what a fun gadget! Thanks for posting the graphs, that is really cool with what you can see about your ride. I'm using a basic HRM, but have a altimeter computer on my MTB, but no easy way to consolidate that information, let alone data over time. Might have to think about one of in the future. Okay, I admit it, I love gadgets. . .